The History of the Groom’s Cake

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Groom's CakeLet’s face it, the wedding day is almost always all about the bride, but the groom gets a tasty chance to “represent” with a Groom’s cake, a small cake usually placed near the wedding cake at the reception.

The origins of the Groom’s cake are not known, some speculate the Groom’s cake tradition began in 17th century England or Scotland. Others trace the Groom’s cake tradition to the Victorian era of England. The first Groom’s cakes were fruitcakes, a type of cake with roots in the middle ages. Fruitcake was the preferred flavor of wedding cake during the Victorian times. Traditional fruitcakes contain a variety of ingredients including: raisins, pine nuts, candied cherries, honey, cinnamon, currants, nutmeg, almonds, cloves, marzipan, brandy, oranges and lemons. The British tradition was thought to have fallen out of favor in the early 20th century.

Resurrected later in the United States, the custom of a Groom’s cake was embraced by the South and quickly became a beloved wedding tradition. No longer restricted to heavy fruitcake, dark chocolate quickly gained popularity as the favorite flavor of cake. At first, the Groom’s cake was served to the groomsmen by the bride. In modern times, the Groom’s cake is presented as a gift to the groom from the bride and then cut into slices and sent home with guests as a sweet memento.

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 featured a Groom’s cake made of chocolate and cookies. Prince William’s wedding confection was crafted by McVite’s, a British biscuit company that has been baking royal wedding cakes since 1893. The New York Times reported that the Prince’s cake consisted of 37 pounds of chocolate and 1,700 tea biscuits.

Featured in the 1989 film “Steel Magnolias was a larger-than-life giant armadillo cake.

Wild Cakes
In the United States, the custom is to showcase a Groom’s cake that reflects his favorite interests such as a sports teams or outdoor activities. Thinking outside the box is the new norm for the modern Groom’s cake. Today, the cakes are transformed into every conceivable form of manly interest from replicas of Yankee Stadium, Super Bowl trophies, comic book heroes, faithful pets, Alma Maters, sport cars, bottled beer, football helmets, golf clubs to Star Wars characters.

Dream Man
Legend has it that when a single woman takes home a slice of the Groom’s cake and places it under her pillow at night while sleeping, she will dream of her future husband.


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