Spa Day:: Relax Before You Walk Down the Aisle

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Take time for a little relaxation and pampering and treat yourself to a much-needed spa day before you walk down the aisle. Gift yourself with a spa retreat featuring services and treatments that increase your sense of well-being and soothes your soul. To learn more about wedding day preparations check out Great Bridal Expo‘s upcoming schedule. Read on for a spa treatment ideas before your wedding day:

Hot Stone Massage

Unwind your tense muscles with a hot stone massage, a type of massage that incorporates the use of therapeutic heated stones that provided warmth deep into your muscles. The benefits for brides include stress relief, improved circulation release of toxins, and a calming of the mind.

Salt Glow Body Treatment

Glow like the star you are with a salt glow body treatment, a sea salt scrub treatment intended to exfoliate and hydrate your skin to polished perfection. Salt glow body treatments are often combined with oils and scents to enhance the experience.

Manicure & Pedicure

Show off your shiny new wedding band on your hand with a flawless manicure. Schedule your last manicure and pedicure one day before your wedding. Many manicurists advise preparing your nails at least three months in advance with bi-weekly appointments.

Soak and Sauna

Immerse yourself into a soaking tub filled with floating rose petals and bath oils surrounded by scented candles and the gentle sounds of soft music. Ultimate bath stress relievers for a bride include a soaking tub, Jacuzzi, bubble bath, mineral spring bath or mud bath. Enjoy the serenity of a sauna, a type of sweat-inducing bath. Wrap yourself in a towel and sweat out some toxins, relax your mind and lose a little weight.


Surround yourself with the aromas of relaxation such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon verbena and chamomile. Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to countering the stress of your wedding day. Enjoy aromatherapy during a meditation session or infused with oil for a massage.


Prepare for deep relaxation with reflexology, a type of spa treatment that concentrates on stimulating pressure points on your feet, hands or head. Reflexology works on a principle that the body carries energy pathways that may be activated with a variety of techniques including rubbing, pressing, kneading and rotation.

On your actual wedding day, it is recommended that all spa treatments be completed so that you may focus solely on your hair, make-up and clothing.

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