Ceremony and Reception Music::Choosing the style that’s right for you

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Selecting music for your wedding is an enjoyable task for all music-lovers; it sets the tone of your wedding and gives the overall atmosphere a feeling of joy. The first step involves determining the type of music that best represents a blend of your personalities and melds with the overall theme of the wedding. If he likes rock and you like country, include songs from both genres. If the wedding is held in a church consider religious music. Be sure to include songs that your guests might like such as an oldie-but-goody for your grandparents or a song from your parent’s wedding.
The most important aspect of music selection is that the bride and groom like the choices. Learn more about wedding preparations at the next Great Bridal Expo,in your area and read on for wedding music ideas to get you started in your tune selections:

About Ceremony & Reception Music
Decide in advance the songs you will need for your wedding ceremony including music for the following: prelude music to be played as guests are being seated, wedding party processional music, the bride’s processional, interlude melodies, recessional music, and postlude music as the guests are exiting for the reception. For the reception, you will need to select music for your entrance, the first dance, father-daughter dance and last song. Take time to sit down with your DJ or music artists to determine songs and length of play times.

DJ Vs. Band
Music can make or break a wedding and making the best choice between choosing a DJ or live music depends on a variety of factors such as your budget, space accommodations, personal preference and the ambiance you want to create. Hiring bands and singers from string quartets to rock can be expensive but the end result is a live concert for you and your guests to enjoy. DJs offer a larger repertoire of songs and great emcee skills to get the crowd moving. Always listen to an artist before booking them for your wedding and request to view a taped performance of them in action.

Wedding Music Mistakes
Beginning the wedding in silence can be a mistake, start the music 20-30 minutes before the actual ceremony during the time guests are seated and to lend ambiance and ward off any impatience. Before the ceremony starts do a sound check or confirm a sound check has been performed. Communicate with your officiant before the ceremony to see if he or she allows music during the reciting of vows. Do not play songs that are R-rated or feature suggestive lyrics when children are present.

Styles of Wedding Music
Express your love through your personal music style, almost every genre of music features a love song. Popular music categories worth your consideration include top forty pop, jazz, rock, Christian rock, classical, country, R & B, hip-hop and old school classics.
Share your world and choose unique international music that reflects your cultural heritage. Have performers play unique instruments such as hand bells, sitar, or didgeridoos.
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