Get Fit for Your Wedding:: Shape up and slim down for the big day

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Brides, look your best by slimming down and shaping up for your big day with a personal fitness plan designed with you and your dress in mind. Begin by choosing goals from an overall weight loss plan to spot training such areas as toning your arms for a strapless gown. The next step is to initiate your plan with enough time to reach your goals before your wedding day. Make a vow to be successful. The pay-off for all your hard work will be huge when you walk down the aisle.

Deter those pesky food cravings by sipping water all day instead of soda. Lose weight and staying hydrated with water, a vital and essential substance for good health. Health benefits of water include flushing of toxins from the body, healthier skin, more energy, burn more fat and build muscle. It is often recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, but this varies according to different heights and weights. One rule of thumb suggests taking your weight and dividing by two resulting in an estimated amount of water for your daily intake.
Tip: Before starting any health regimen it is advised to consult with a physician

Healthy Foods
Need to get into your wedding dress, slim down by increasing your intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables instead of eating chips and fried fast-food. According to , fruits and vegetables are great sources of natural vitamins and mineral such as fiber, potassium, vitamin A, folate and vitamin C. Health benefits may include better skin, hair, nails and wellness. Dark colored vegetables or fruits contain more antioxidants than lighter ones.
Tip: Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables to enjoy maximum health benefits.

An important key to reducing your weight is to burn more calories than you take in, this can be realized with the addition of exercise to your daily routine. Aerobics generally burns the most calories and includes a wide variety of activities such as running, dancing, hiking, karate, tennis, skiing, inline skating, racquetball, basketball, swimming, walking and biking. Bear in mind that cardio exercise is only one part of your plan to get fit before your wedding. Weight training helps to tone and shape your arms, abs and legs. Consider taking yoga or Pilates, both are great alternatives for toning and shaping. Make your workouts fun and listen to music on your iPod.
Tip: Consider joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer or signing up for an exercise bootcamp.
Consider getting a full physical n the months preceding your wedding, this will help assess your health and establish a baseline for fitness goals. Remember, the healthier you are the more you will glow on your wedding day. To learn more about planning for a wedding attend the next Great Bridal Expo, coming to a city near you, please click here for ticket information.


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