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Extreme wedding planning drama and bridal meltdowns reign on WEtv channel, also known as the Women’s Entertainment Network. The name Bridezilla derives from a blend of the word “bride” and “Godzilla”, the infamous pop culture monster of Japanese films who stomped all over Tokyo. The premise of the show follows two brides over the course of an episode as they prepare for their wedding day.

Other wedding-related reality shows on WEtv include the Family Therapy Show, My Fair Wedding and Rich Bride Poor Bride. Click here for information for submitting an application to appear on these and more shows.

Q: Stacy, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to the Great Bridal Expo about how to apply to Bridezillas. Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I started in the reality television business 10 years ago after starring in one myself, High School Reunion.  I had such a great experience I had to move to Los Angeles to get involved in such a booming genre of TV.  Since then, I’ve cast for shows like The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of Orange County, High School Reunion, Mark Burnett’s Shark Tank and Oprah’s, Your OWN Show, to name of few.  I’ve been Bridezilla’s Supervising Casting Director for the past four seasons (Bridezillas is in its 9th season) and every season brings on a whole new slew of head strong and charismatic women, it’s never a dull day in my office!

What is a Bridezilla?

If your personal mantra is “My way or no one’s way”, then you might be Bridezilla material. Bridezillas appear as seemingly normal and reasonable women until the wedding process causes them to undergo a transformation that brings out less-than-stellar qualities.
Bridezillas seeks brides-to-be who are passionate perfectionists who love to be the center of attention, and whose extravagant and over-the-top requests all seem justifiable to the bride in order to get her the day of her dreams. Specifically, they look for a sassy bride who can still remain classy, that is not only outspoken and charismatic but also has a great sense of humor. The show favors sophisticated women who are independent, willful and headstrong and are looking for less of the Jerry-Springer type this season. Each episode truly discovers a new species of Bridezilla.

Q: Stacy, do you have a favorite prior season or bride?

A: There are so many standouts every season, but if I had to pick one from last season it would be Danni from Minneapolis. Because she’s a radio personality, she is like a local celebrity, so the pressure was really on her to have a day everyone would be talking about. After a few meltdowns, she was able to get it together and have a beautiful wedding. I can’t leave out Karen from season 6, she was a beautiful bride from Staten Island, but her antics were quite jaw-dropping and controversial.

Q: What is your current casting schedule for 2012?

A: For 2012, we are casting brides with a wedding date that falls between February and July. We are currently a month into casting and plan to finalize all decisions by the end of April.

How to Apply

Share your wedding mayhem with the world by submitting an application to Bridezillas. Applying is easy; simply send an email with your information and personal story to the casting department of Bridezillas. To increase your chances of being contacted be sure to include all of your basic information including your full name, age, city and state, contact number, wedding date, wedding budget and groom’s full name. Tell the casting department what kind of Bridezilla you would be and provide an example of your most recent Bridezilla moment. Write about what or who stresses you the most during your wedding planning. Include the top three concerns that you have regarding your wedding. Lastly, do not forget to include a few photos of yourself and your fiancé.

Q: How many brides do you select each season?

A: Twenty-three brides are showcased each season each with one episode, however popular brides might warrant as many as three episodes.
For complete rules and requirements on applying and compensation, visit Bridezillas for more information by clicking here.

Callbacks are made only to those the casting department have targeted as potential Bridezilla material; a callback does not confirm your acceptance for participation on the show. Expect up to 2 callbacks before a final decision is made. If you are officially selected, someone from their casting department will stay in touch with you regarding all of the participation details.

Q: What kinds of brides make the best applicants?

A: The ones who have a very clear vision, yet no one understands their vision and this drives her to Bridezilla mode. The best ones are naturals, the kind where you don’t have to convince her that she is a Bridezilla, she owns the title and knows that she will do what she has to do, be the way she needs to be, in order for her day to be absolutely perfect. This day must mean the world to her.

Think you or somebody you know wants to be on Bridezillas? Contact Supervising Casting Director Stacy Kitter at (310) 622-1515 or by email Good luck.

Great Bridal Expo will be working cooperatively with Bridezillas on casting calls at upcoming events. Click here. to register for a Great Bridal Expo near you!

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