Flower Girl Dresses

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Flower girls make a charming addition to your wedding. Brides may choose to have one or more of these sweet attendants gently dropping flower petals down the aisle signifying the arrival of the bride. Choosing a dress for the flower girl is as important as any other aspect of your wedding. Read on for helpful tips when selecting your flower girl’s dress.

Choose a dress that will be easy for the child to wear, one that she can get in and out of without any difficulty or fuss. Consider a shorter length dress as opposed to a longer length. This lessens the chance for the child to trip or fall and minimizes the risk of stains or blemishes to the dress. Some brides opt for a tea length dress for the flower girl and for those in the know a tea length dress traditionally falls just below the knees. Limit the use of excessive embellishments or over-accessorizing to avoid complications for the child.

Shop or Sew?
Decide in advance on a budget and if you will buy or sew the flower girl’s dress. If purchasing, take the child and her parents shopping with you so that she may try on the dress for a fitting. Usually the parents of the flower girl will buy her dress or you may choose to give it to her as a gift for the wedding. Another option is to have someone make the dress particularly someone who knows how to sew such as a family friend with sewing experience or a professional seamstress. When choosing a dress keep in mind that children are constantly growing and if the wedding is six months to a year away, your flower girl might grow a few inches in the interim. Be sure the dress can be altered in advance.

There are two schools of thought when choosing a style for your flower girl’s dress. One is to dress the flower girl in a frock similar to the bride’s featuring elements from the bridal gown such as lace or ribbons. This tradition is very old and dates back to Roman times when the purpose of having a flower girl in a wedding was to symbolize the bride’s transition from childhood to womanhood. In modern times it is more common for the flower girl’s dress to match the bridesmaid’s dresses or be of a style reminiscent of the bridesmaid’s dresses but more age-appropriate for a little girl.

If you choose to dress the flower girl like the bride, select a shade of white similar but not the exact same color of white as the bride’s gown. On the other hand, her dress can be of the same color as the bridesmaid’s dresses or consider going a shade lighter or darker depending on the season and time of year. If the bridesmaid’s dresses are of a different color then select a unique color for the flower girl as well. To learn more about planning for your wedding attend the next Great Bridal Expo, coming to a city near you, please click here for ticket information.


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