How to Wrap a Wedding Gift

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Celebrate the joy of the soon-to-be newlyweds with an elegantly wrapped wedding gift, a subtle way to show appreciation and offer your best wishes to the couple for a future filled with happiness. Wedding presents are in many ways similar to wedding guests; wedding guests do not attend in sloppy sweat suits or grubby jeans and wedding gifts are best presented neatly wrapped and decorated in the spirit of the festivities. A little effort placed into the wrapping of your wedding gift helps with the overall high spirits of the occasion no matter if you do-it-yourself or employ a gift-wrapping service.

Before wrapping, select a gift wrap appropriate for the occasion; a style featuring a wedding-inspired pattern, a solid color such as silver or gold or the actual colors from the wedding. Choose a bow, ribbon and gift card in complementary colors. Use a blue or a black roller ball pen for writing on the gift card. If your gift is awkwardly-shaped or soft consider putting it inside a gift box. Read on for more helpful instructions on wrapping a wedding present.

Materials Needed
Wrapping Paper
Transparent Tape
Gift Card
Return Address Label

Step 1
Unroll the wrapping paper and layout on a table or other flat surface with the decorative side facing down.

Step 2
Take the gift and place it in the lower right hand corner of the unfurled wrapping paper. Roll it three times to the left then make a mark with your pen to prepare for a vertical cut. Next, grasp the bottom edge of the paper and pull it up until it reaches the top of the gift. Do this for both sides; make a mark with your pen on the top piece for a horizontal cut.

Step 3
Using your scissors cut the horizontal and vertical marks one at a time in a straight line until they meet. Remove unused paper and set aside.

Step 4
Place your gift in center of the paper. Grasp the right side of the longest edge’s length and fold over and firmly tape to center of gift, repeat with other side.

Step 5
On the sides, fold the top down and secure with your transparent tape. Fold the left and right sides to the center, creating a triangle effect and fasten with tape. Take the bottom extension fold it in half to the edge of the gift and affix with tape.

Step 6
Take your ribbon and measure two lengths, one for each side of the gift then cut and affix with tape.

Step 7
Remove the self-adhesive tab on your bow or attach your bow with tape on the top of the gift where the two ribbons intersect.

Step 8
Write a heartfelt note to the couple. Be sure to sign your name(s) and stick your return address label on the back of the gift card, this is helpful for the couple later when they write thank-you notes.

For a dash of flair, add a photo key chain or similar fun bauble to the top of the gift.

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