Tips for Wedding Thank You Notes

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 The most sincere form of gratitude for the gifts given in honor of your wedding and bright future together is the thank you card. The highest form of acknowledgment is the handwritten thank you note sent within three months after your wedding. Although, disagreements reign among etiquette experts with some arguing that up to a year after your wedding as perfectly proper for mailing and other experts weigh-in suggesting texts, phone calls or emails as suitable options to mailed letters. Take the time to treat your wedding guests with the respect of a timely signed-sealed-delivered handwritten thank you. Lesser known tip, a late thank you note is better than no thank you note at all. Read on for ideas on writing wedding thank you notes.


Count the number of gifts and know who-gave-what or who-helped-out and have this information organized on a list with corresponding mailing addresses. Order custom-made thank you notes or purchase pre-made cards from a retail store. Choose a simple design or one that is not too-busy or distracting from the intent. If you wish, select decorative stickers to embellish the back of your letters and help keep them sealed. Make sure you have a roll of address labels with your names and return address and buy enough stamps for all the letters. Use roller-ball or calligraphy pens with black or blue ink; alternatives include chocolate or dark purple inks. Keep all your letter-writing materials in one location, preferable inside a box with a lid.

 Make a Plan

 Estimate how much time you will need to devote to writing your thank you notes, be prepared to spend several days. Select a time and location designated specifically for writing. Make it fun, go to a favorite coffee house or have several movie nights. If the task seems overwhelming for one person, do not hesitate to ask your partner to assist you. Determine an order of method such as write a note, place in an envelope, address to the recipient, place a return address label on the envelope, place postage stamp on the front and optional sticker on the back. After you have completed the letter process, do not forget to check off names from the list when completed and mail your letters immediately.

 What to Say

 Start your letter with a greeting to the recipient such as Dear Aunt Riki or Dear Alex and Kris, these salutations are best used for family or friends. If your association to the gift giver is professional use the more formal Mr. and Mrs. or Dr. as appropriate. Begin by writing thanks and a few words that accurately describes the gift such as silver engraved goblets or blue polka dot ice cooler. Let the recipient know how much you like the gift or how you plan to utilize the gift such as, “We look forward to toasting our one year anniversary with the lovely goblets you gave us.” Keep your letter positive, if you did not like the gift, never express your negative sentiments. Finish your letter with a sentence thanking the gift-giver a second time and end your letter with friendly closings such as “Warm Regards”, “Love” or “Fondly” and sign your names.

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