Your Top 10 Wedding Etiquette Questions for Guests– Answered!

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Invited to a wedding? Learn these simple rules of etiquette to enjoy and help make the celebration more enjoyable. A little preparation goes a long way into making a great day into an awesome day. As a wedding guest, you will want to be on your best behavior, be sure to make all travel and accommodations reservations in advance, remain quiet and respectful during rituals such as toasting and cutting of the wedding cake and bring children only if the wedding invitation specifies or ask. Read on for answers to some of the most common wedding etiquette questions for guests.

How long do I have to respond to a wedding invitation?

The correct way to respond to a wedding invitation is immediately, the quicker the better. The invitation should list a deadline for RSVP replies and the preferred mode for answers from response cards to emails to text messages. Even if you are unable to attend, please reply as soon as possible, this helps the couple obtain an accurate head count for seating and the reception.  

Should I bring my phone?

Yes, you may bring a phone but be respectful and turn it off or place it on mute during the ceremony. A good rule of thumb for guests is to silence your phone as soon as you take your seat.

Can I take photographs or videos during the ceremony?

Yes, but obtain prior permission from the couple. Otherwise, snapping pictures, posting YouTube videos or tweets during a ceremony shows inattentiveness. Allow the professional photographers hired to record the event to do their job without interference from multiple flashes and glows from various devices. Consider giving the couple the gift of your full and undivided attention during the ceremony and reserve picture-taking for the reception.

Can I bring a guest?

If the wedding invitation indicates that you may bring a guest, then do so. If your invite does not state that you may bring a guest, it is best to assume that additional guests are not invited and to attend unaccompanied.

What time should I arrive?

Never be late to a wedding. Arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early to take care of parking considerations, find a seat and get settled as you place your cell phone on silence or readying a handkerchief for tears of joy.

What if I am late to a wedding?

See above.

Should I bring a gift with me to the ceremony?

It is not necessary to bring a gift to the wedding, if you do this entails extra work for the couple who will need to keep track of it and arrange to bring it home. Send a gift before the ceremony or after, this allows for less stress and more time for the couple to celebrate on their special day. Remember, you have up until a year after the wedding date to send a gift.

What should I wear?

Proper wedding attire will vary depending on the type of ceremony. Often the wedding invitation will state the dress code for the wedding such as black tie, formal or casual attire. Check the location beforehand; you do not want to wear high-heels or stilettos to a beach or garden wedding lest you sink into the sand or grass. Women, for a daytime wedding choose a flirty floral dress or a lightly-colored suit, add a matching hat if you desire. For men, if the invite says formal wear a dark suit and keep in mind tuxedos are rarely appropriate before 6 p.m. at night.  

What not to wear?

Try not to wear anything too sexy or revealing, save the extremely tight and tiny clothing for the club. Dirty and torn clothing are usually unacceptable wedding attire for guests.

Can I wear white?

It is not recommended. Caution is advised for those who want to wear white to a wedding; there is danger in upstaging the bride on her wedding day. If you must wear white, choose a muted white print or cream-color or vanilla white.

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