The Perfect Wedding Kiss

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The first kiss between a couple at their marriage ceremony is a magical moment inspired by fireworks exploding or heavenly angels singing. The wedding kiss is a gesture symbolizing the love each has for the other, hopefully for always and forever. This is a situation where a quick peck on the cheek will not do; a wedding kiss needs to be special. There are many types of kisses to choose from short and sweet kisses to multiple soft butterfly kisses to get-a-room long open-mouthed kisses. There are no hard and fast rules for kissing but do consider your level of comfort with public displays of affection, be respectful of your family traditions and cultural heritage and make sure you are both in agreement on the type and the length of time you want to kiss. Read on for a few basic guidelines to your perfect wedding day kiss.

Leaning in for the Kiss

Before kissing, make sure you are both standing close to each other, face-to-face and making eye contact and at least a hand’s width apart. Ensure your balance by keeping both feet on the ground, although you might feel like you are floating among clouds. Despite the high level of anticipation, do not lean in too quickly for your first kiss or you might hit your heads, bump teeth or miss all together. It is important to practice the approach speed of your kiss so that such mishaps do not occur. Know in advance who will be leaning slightly left and who is going for the right. As you are leaning in, gently close your eyes, this subtle action appears more romantic and looks better than having your eyes wide open or tightly squinted.

What To Do With Your Hands

Determine in advance what you will do with your hands as you are kissing. Some couples will have the groom place his hands on the bride’s waist while the bride places her hands on the groom’s shoulders or the bride may wrap her arms around the groom’s neck while the groom embraces the bride around her waist or the groom places one arm around the bride’s waist and cups the back of the bride’s head with his other arm. A romantic option is for the groom to hold the bride’s face gently in his hands as they kiss and the bride places her hands on the groom’s hips or waist. For a great photo opportunity, the bride and groom embrace each other with the same side arms at each other’s waist and hold hands with elbows slightly bent on the opposite side facing towards the guests. Get creative and come up with your own variations.


Savor your first kiss, this is your moment, your day. Kisses are not meant to be stressful, show the world how happy you are to be married to each other. Kiss with joy and passion, the length of time may be as short or as long as you wish, bear in mind if grandma or young children are present consider adding a modest modicum of restraint to your ardor. After your kiss, slowly pull apart, wipe away tears if needed, and turn towards your adoring audience and smile, not that you ever stopped smiling.

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