The Meaning of Flower Colors

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Flowers find a way to reach and discover beautiful places to bloom inside the human heart, from their ornate beauty to unique fragrances; flowers add a special significance to your wedding day. Since ancient Greek times, flowers have been associated with blissful celebrations with each flower representing a unique symbol or meaning according to the color of its blossoms. In modern times, the choice of flowers may denote a personal connection or fond memory for the couple at their wedding. Read on to learn about the classic meanings of colors and flowers.


Red signifies deep love, fiery passions, ardent desire and undying devotion. Due to the intense vibrancy of the color, red flowers always make a dramatic statement at wedding ceremonies. Considered the traditional symbol of love, the red rose offers a mystique spanning the history of many cultures from depiction in great works of art and literature to poetry and music. Roses are the quincentennial wedding flower. Other flowers that channel the energy of red include carnations, amaryllises, gloxinias, red camellias, Gerber daisies, petunias, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, poppies, pansies, peonies, poinsettias, red mallows, primroses, zinnias, myrtle and tulips.


Classic weddings often feature white, the symbolic color of an open heart, purity, innocence, and virtue. In western cultures, the color white invokes a sense of peace and serenity and harkens to heaven and angels. Brides wear white to symbolize chastity, natural beauty and modesty. Choose from a wide variety of white flowers including the delicate snowy bell-shaped Lily of the Valley, roses, tulips, Calla lilies, peonies, carnations, gardenias, hydrangeas, orchids, amaryllis, camellias, white mallows, myrtle, poinsettias, poppies, Baby’s Breath and Sweet peas.


Symbolizing grace, happiness, youthful exuberance and joyful expression; pink adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your wedding as a sophisticated pastel version of the sizzling passionate reds. Pink brings to mind long lost memories of childhood and bubblegum and everything girly. Pink-hued flowers to consider for your wedding include chrysanthemums, anemones, alliums, cosmos, bachelor buttons, camellias, geranium, gladiolas, carnations, cherry blossoms, roses, tulips, daisies, hibiscus, freesias, zinnias, dahlias, oleanders and asters.


Bring a ray of sunshine into your ceremony with yellow flowers, symbols of boundless optimism, endless joy and eternal hope. Yellow is known for its invigorating qualities of warmth and energy. Make a memorable impression at your wedding with yellow flowers such as daffodils, sunflowers, marigolds, buttercups, daisies, mums, dahlias, tulips, roses, anemones, calendulas, Peruvian lilies, goldenrods, jasmine, lilies, mimosas, poppies, begonias, black-eyed Susans, and golden wattles, the national flower of Australia.


Purple is a symbol of royalty, mystery and magic. The meaning of purple flowers often signifies dignity and sacredness. Other meanings include imagination, victory and healing. The color purple comes in a variety of hues from the lightest lavenders to vivacious violets and brilliant indigos to dark eggplants; making for a very versatile color. Popular purplish flowers include lavenders, lilacs, larkspurs, irises, orchids, lisianthus, phlox, roses, violets, hydrangeas, hyacinths, gladiolas, freesias, delphiniums, dahlias, cornflowers, statice, stock, lupine, tulips, asters and anemones.

Many flowers feature blooms in multiple colors with meaning changing according to color. Selecting flowers for your wedding can be overwhelming with such a huge selection to choose from, a good tip to keep in mind is to always to physically view the blooms before deciding on a final decision. For more ideas and help with all aspects of wedding preparations visit the next Great Bridal Expo coming to your area soon. Click here for ticket information.

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