How to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

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Bring a touch of romance to your wedding day hairstyle with the addition of flowers. Gain inspiration for your floral hairstyle by perusing bridal magazines or visiting a local botanical garden. Decide if you prefer real or silk flowers. Practice with your new hairstyle while wearing your wedding ensemble before making a final decision to ensure the overall look is complimentary and colors match. Consult with a florist regarding flower blooms that last the longest as some petals may wilt in hot or cold temperatures. The largest selection of flowers to choose from occurs during the summer or spring, although imported blooms are available year round. There is a flower for every hairstyle, read on for some ideas on how to wear flowers in your hair for your wedding.

Floral Accents

One of the oldest hair adornments in the world is the flower. Many cultures observe the tradition of wearing flowers in their hair from Ukrainian to Polynesian. In the islands of the South Pacific, wearing a flower behind your right ear means a woman is single and behind the left ear, she is in a committed relationship. For a wedding, flowers adorn a variety of hairstyles from elegant updos to long and loose. To make a statement, tuck a single large flower behind your ear such as a lily, hibiscus or orchid. Scatter small delicate blooms throughout your hair for a natural effect and intertwine amongst braids. Miniature roses, daisies or baby’ breath are fine choices for tiny blooms. Be creative; match the flowers in your hair to your bouquet or natural surroundings. Secure the flower to your hair with one or two bobby pins. Be sure to cover the pin with a few strands of hair for a natural effect and to hide it from view. If the stems are too short or fragile, wrap them with a piece of floral tape. Consult with your hairdresser for ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your style and practice your at least one month before your wedding. Flowers look great on the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.


In ancient times, brides and grooms wore wreaths as symbols of happiness; the circular shape of the wreath serving as a reference to eternal love. Wreaths are worn atop the head and may be composed of a variety of materials including flowers, twigs, leaves and ribbons. Originally, herbs not flowers were used to fashion wreaths. Fitting a wreath to your head is easy; simply place the wreath upon your head, checking to see if it feels too tight or loose. The front of the wreath should rest gently upon your forehead and tilt slightly to the back. If the wreath is too loose, adjust the width and firmly secure. Once a proper fit is determined, take two to three bobby pins to fasten to the sides of hair. Wreaths add a romantic flair to garden or beach weddings and look adorable on flower girls.

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