Duties of Attendants

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The wedding attendants are instrumental in making your wedding day an exceptional experience by providing support and taking the responsibility seriously. As you select the members for your wedding party, be sure that each person understands the role and the duties involved with each position before acceptance as well as the time commitment required. It is helpful when asking to provide potential wedding attendant candidates a checklist of the duties they will be asked to perform. Read on for information regarding some of the basic duties of a wedding attendant.

Best Man

The best man is generally a good friend or a close family member to the groom. Before the wedding, the best man often hosts a bachelor party for the groom and his friends. The best man is expected to attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. He also rents or buys a tux to wear on the day of the ceremony. On the day of the wedding, the best man helps the groom prepare for the wedding and during the ceremony stands at the groom’s side as a witness. It is not unusual for the best man to carry the bride’s wedding ring to hand to the groom during the exchange of vows. The best man makes the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception, dances with the bride and maid-of-honor, decorates the newlywed’s getaway car and witnesses the signing of the marriage license.

 Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is typically a close female friend of the bride. Attending bridal fairs with the bride is one of the fun things a maid of honor gets to do before the wedding. The maid of honor is in charge of throwing a bachelorette party and the all-important bridal shower. Helping bridesmaids obtain dresses for the ceremony is a common task often assigned to the maid of honor. She helps spread the word on where the couple is registered for wedding gifts. Keeping the bride calm on the day of the wedding and helping her dress before the ceremony is a significant duty. The maid of honor adjusts the bridal veil if a long one is worn and holds the bride’s bouquet during the exchange of rings and is a witness to the signing of the official marriage license.


 Duties of the groomsmen include getting a tuxedo for the wedding, giving a gift to the couple, attending the bachelor party, dancing with the bridesmaids at the reception and decorating the getaway car. Groomsmen also help usher before the ceremony, by seating the bride’s family to the left and the groom’s family to the right—the exception is Jewish nuptials where the reverse occurs. When ushering, a groomsmen takes the arm of each women and seats older ladies first.


 The bridesmaids help invite guests to the wedding, make food for the wedding shower, attend the bachelorette party, gives a gift and assists at the reception with hosting tasks such as helping guests find seating, parking or restrooms. For the wedding, a bridesmaid purchases her own dress, shoes, and accessories. If single, she is expected to join in to catch the bride’s bouquet during the toss and dance with the groomsmen at the wedding reception.

 Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

 The duties of flower girls and ring bears are minimal and often assigned to younger children; responsibilities may include holding a basket of flowers or a pillow to hold while walking down the aisle. Parents are expected to ensure that the children are dressed for the event and arrive on time.

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