Father-of-the-Bride Survival Guide

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Your little girl is getting married, bringing a sense of joy and sentimental loss. As the father of the bride your main duty is to support your daughter and help make her wedding day dreams come true. The father of the bride plays a very important role in many aspects of wedding planning and the ceremony from attending the rehearsal dinner to shaking hands in the receiving line. Read on for tips to help make your daughter’s wedding day a fairy-tale experience.

Dress for the Occasion

Customarily, the father of the bride dresses similar to the groom and groomsmen. The key indicator of what to wear to your daughter’s wedding is to find out what the groom and groomsmen are wearing. If the groom and groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, then the father of the bride wears a tuxedo. If the groom and groomsmen are wearing suits, then the father of the bride wears a suit. Additionally, before the wedding, consider getting a fresh haircut, trimming your beard, polishing your shoes and dry cleaning your suit, if needed.

Giving-Away the Bride

The tradition of giving away the bride at a wedding is a symbolic gesture that represents the support and blessing of the marriage by the father. The bride and father of the bride walk down the aisle arm-in-arm. On the way to the altar, the bride is on the left and the father is on the right. When you reach the altar, give your daughter a kiss and shake the groom’s hand. Next, take a step back as the officiant asks who is giving the bride away and respond with “Her mother and I”, then sit down and enjoy your daughter’s nuptials.

Father and Daughter Dance

The father and daughter dance is one of them most charming rituals at a wedding reception. Usually, the bride selects a song for the two of you to dance to from slow ballads to hip hop; the important thing is to enjoy the moment. If you are rusty on your dance moves, take time to practice with your daughter before the big event.

Speech and Toasts

As the father of the bride you are required to make two toasts; one at the rehearsal dinner and the other at the wedding reception. During the rehearsal dinner, the father of the bride toasts last by sharing a few kind words about the bride and groom and then announcing the start of the meal and celebration. At the wedding reception, the father of the bride gives the first speech by welcoming the groom to the family and sharing sweet childhood memories of the bride. Important note for all father of the brides: prepare in advance your speech and toasts.



In the good ‘ole days, the father of the bride paid for all wedding expenses but times have changed, many couple prefer to handle budgeting and planning themselves. In modern times, the father of the bride may pay for all of the expenses, donate to the overall costs, split the cost with the groom’s parents or contribute nothing. There are many variables to consider, meet with your daughter to discuss financial expectations.


The best way the father of the bride can handle stress is by nipping stressful situations in the bud. As the father of the bride, you can help by setting an example: be well rested the night before the wedding, eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Make an appointment for a deep tissue massage or hot stone massage to help you relax. Take deep breaths or count to ten when stressful situations arise, remember this is your daughter’s wedding day.

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