Ideas for Wedding Ring Inscriptions

June 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm 3 comments

Sharing your life together is an adventure filled with unlimited possibilities, express your love for each other with an inscription engraved on the side or inside of your wedding rings. Choose something that is sentimental with personal meaning including special pet names or nicknames for each other, romantic sayings, religious verse, symbols, funny quotes or your married couple initials. Have fun, imprint your wedding date so that neither of you forgets your anniversary. For inspiration, read on for ideas featuring romantic quotes and sayings.


Romantic couples openly express love for each other, often cooing and fawning over each other with whispered sentiments of “I love you”. Express your love for each other with a romantic inscription on your wedding ring.

1.    A Lovely View of Heaven/But I’d Rather Be With You

2.    Everlasting Love

3.    For I’d Found Love and Love Was You

4.    I Love You More Than Anything

5.    Let the Winds of Heaven Dance Between Us

6.    My World Has No Meaning Without You

7.    To Love, Honor and Cherish Always

8.    With You I Belong

9.    You Are the Love of My Life

10.  You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life


For couples with sharp wits and quick repartees, then a funny phrase or quirky quote or saying from a favorite film or song engraved upon your wedding ring might be the ticket to a lifetime of smiling and laughing together.

1.    As You Wish

2.    Can I Kiss You Forever?

3.    I Am the Luckier One

4.    May the Force Be With Us

5.    My Precious

6.    Mine, Mine, All Mine!!!

7.    Put It Back On

8.    SWAK (Sealed With a Kiss)

9.    Why Do You Have Your Ring Off?

10.  Live, Laugh, Love

The Power of Simplicity

Couples wishing to express their promise of love together may choose simple words packed with big personal meaning and to serve as a joyous reminder of their loving commitment to each other.

1.    Always

2.    At Last

3.    Beloved

4.    Eternity

5.    Forever

6.    I Love You

7.    Kismet

8.    Trust Love

9.    We Fit

10.  Yours Only

 Languages of Love

Celebrate your cultural legacy by sharing a quote or phrase from your heritage or ancestry, or simply imprint a phrase or message you both like for your rings. Ancient Latin quotes enjoy a revival as a statement of commitment.

1.    Amor Vincit Omnia (Latin for ‘Love Conquers All’)

2.    Mon Cheri  (French term of endearment for ‘My Sweetheart’)

3.    Ti Amo  (Italian phrase for ‘I Love You’)

4.    Eu Te Amo (Portuguese for ‘I Love You’)

5.    Te Quiero ( Spanish for ‘I Want You’)

6.    Manus in Manu (Latin for ‘Hand in Hand’)

7.    Amorem Meum Tibi Semper Dabo (Latin for ‘I Will Keep Giving You My Love Always)

8.    Pour Toujours Et Toujours (French sentiment for ‘Forever and Always’)

9.    Gra Gael Mo Chroi (Gaelic translation for ‘Bright Love of My Heart’)

10.  Semper Amemus (Latin for ‘May We Love Forever’)

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