Effective Exhibitor Graphics

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Bridal shows offer unlimited possibilities, make the most of your bridal show exhibitor experience with exciting graphics to attract potential customers to your booth. Create a compelling display that effectively communicates your message and showcases you products in the best possible light. Read on to learn more about tips for effective exhibitor graphics.

Color Schemes

Catch the eye of the crowd with bold vibrant colors, these draw people in for discovery. One of the most effective color combinations presents a contrast of light and dark such as navy background with white text or black with yellow text, these combinations make your graphics pop. Colors of similar vibrancy tend to drown each other and neutrals fade away. Colors inspire conscious and unconscious responses in people; be selective when choosing a color scheme. There are two main types: cool and warm. Cool colors are calming such as blues, greens and purples. Warm tones are invigorating and include reds, yellows and oranges. Select colors that have a connection to your products or services.

Text and Fonts

Maximize your bridal trade show graphic displays with text that successfully communicates your company’s message. Be sure to select an easy to read font that is not too tiny. Consider the distance from which your signage will be read when choosing a font size. Avoid overly decorative fonts as they are harder to read and might deter a visitor from stopping at your booth. Make sure the text on your display is presented at eye level, if shown too low the message will go unnoticed. Keep your messages short and simple, inundating wedding show visitors with too much information will make them tune out. Use three or four bullet points to indicate features and benefits of your service or product. Always proofread displays materials for typos and spelling errors.


Present well-photographed and clear pictures of your product; avoid poor quality images that are too blurry or feature bad lighting. Ensure that your images are of a significant size, if too small your visitors may not notice your product. Keep the photographs simple, avoid clutter and make sure the main focus is clearly recognizable. Steer clear of the temptation to display every photograph you have at your display booth, too many photographs will deter, not capture bridal show goers attention. Add technology to your mix in the form of 3D graphics or videos. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take images for your displays. If you take photographs yourself, consider using photo-editing software to make various cosmetic adjustments and lighting correction.

Display Design

Produce a professional look for your display; consult with experts who specialize in constructing trade show booths. Keep your display design simple, too many bells and whistles detract rather than add. Treat your display materials with respect, always pack and unpack carefully as to avoid any damage to items. Helpful tip, laminate materials to avoid scratches, folds or creases. Always have good lighting; a well-lit display is more likely to attract visitors than a gloomy dim-lighted booth.

The Great Bridal Expo is a national touring bridal show offering businesses the opportunity to meet one-on-one with about to be marrieds and their friends and families looking for services and products to make their dreams come true. For information on exhibiting click here.

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