How to Stay On Your Wedding Fitness Plan

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Looking great on your wedding day is easy because you are in love and about to marry your soul mate. Sometimes, weddings can be motivators for achieving higher levels of fitness or weight loss. If this is you, get in shape and stay on track with your wedding fitness plan with these helpful tips and suggestions.

Get Inspired

Change the way you think about exercise, if it was a drudge in the past turn your thoughts around and focus on the positive. Read and learn about the success of others or try visualizing how great you will look when it is time to walk down the aisle.

Set goals

Be realistic and choose a goal that is attainable and will not place your health at risk. Create an exercise schedule and workout on regular basis. Set benchmarks or short term objectives along the way to keep you motivated on your fitness journey to the altar

Put it in Writing

Write down your long term and short term goals in a journal or calendar. Keep track of how much time you spend warming up, types of exercises or workout completed and length of cool down.  Post pictures of your wedding dress or attire on the fridge for inspiration.


Invite a buddy with similar goals to workout with you and ask friends and family to be supportive as you embark upon your fitness plan. For additional support, join a social media or online community featuring a focus on wedding day fitness.

Make It Fun

Shake it up and have fun by trying a variety of activities, this helps you stay motivated. Do things that you like to do and try new things you have never done by signing up for a Zumba dance class or surfing.

Mix It Up

Vary your workout to ward off boredom such as selecting a different running route or changing the heaviness of weights when lifting in a gym.

Surround Sound

Listen to music or audio books on a portable device. Choose ear buds that that fit well and are comfortable and do not fall off while you are exercising. Consider making a playlist of music for your wedding.

Take a Break

Give your muscles a full rest day at least once a week, this allows your body time to recover from your workouts. Consider alternating rest days for different muscles groups during the week.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water before and after your workout to ensure proper hydration of your body. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink, signs of dehydration include nausea, chills and dizziness. Bring along a water bottle or make sure you have easy access to drinking water when working out.


Give yourself rewards in the form of fitness treats like a trip to the spa for a relaxing aromatherapy massage or full body salt scrub. The biggest reward you can give yourself is sticking to your program and looking fabulous on your wedding day.

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