To Cake or Cupcake

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One of the most beloved wedding day symbols is the wedding cake, the frosted star of the reception created for sharing with guests. The evolution of the wedding cake has grown over the centuries from a simple symbol of fertility to a multi-tiered elaborately decorated confection. The newest incarnation of the wedding cake is the wedding cupcake.  Read on for more information to help you decide on whether to ‘cake or cupcake’ for your wedding’s sugary delight.


Serving cake at a wedding is a custom that dates back to the era of the Roman Empire when cakes were more like bread. The groom would eat a bite of bread and then break the loaf over the bride’s head symbolizing good luck and fertility for their union. Cakes did not become sweet-flavored until the 17th century with the development of bride’s pie, a type of pie filled with sweet breads. The multi-tiered wedding cake appeared during the Victorian times when a white wedding cake was a symbol of affluence. Cupcakes were invented in the United State during the 19th century. Originally, cupcakes were baked in single cups; later metal muffin pans were used for baking purposes. The use of cupcakes for weddings gained popularity in the early 21st century.

Why Choose Cake?

Honoring tradition is one of the top reasons for choosing a wedding cake. Wedding traditions associated with a wedding cake includes the shared cutting of the wedding cake, a popular ritual symbolizing the married couple as forever intertwined in love. The topmost layer of a wedding cake is often saved for the newlyweds to eat on their first anniversary as a commemorative gesture. Sometimes the top tier of a wedding cake is reserved for the christening of their first baby as a married couple. Popular folklore contends that if a single person places a slice of wedding cake under their pillow at night they will dream of their future spouse. The newly married couple feeding each other a slice of cake represents love, care, and support all through their marriage.

Why Choose Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are for the non-traditionalist: they can be elegant and sophisticated or whimsical and fun. There are many practical reasons for choosing cupcakes such as they are easier to transport to a wedding than a large wedding cake that frequently requires additional assembly once it reaches its destination. Cupcakes come premade in ready-to-serve single sizes. Each cupcake is individually decorated and may be customized with different decorations and cupcake liner colors. If you are undecided on a flavor then choose them all as cupcakes may be crafted in an assortment of flavors. Showcase your cupcakes on a cupcake tree or stand, sitting atop a set of stacked platforms meant to imitate cake layers or on a flat on a table in a decorative design.

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