Before Wedding Skincare

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Create wedding day magic with a bright and glowing complexion. Wedding day skincare usually begins many months in advance of your ceremony but it is never too late to take care of your skin. Do you know your skin type? Most skin types are normal, oily, dry or a combination. Before you walk down the aisle, prepare your skin for your big day with these helpful skin care tips.

Daily Regime

Develop a daily skincare regimen early on before your wedding day. Wash your face twice a day. Select products appropriate for your skin type: there are many to choose from such as a bar, gel, liquid foam or cream. Always follow the directions. Apply moisturizer and an eye cream to help your skin stay supple. Consult with a dermatologist for special skin needs or concerns.

Eat Healthy

Make fresh healthy meals and avoid chemical or processed food. The natural nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables help maintain your skin’s PH balance and provide antioxidants beneficial for a blissful wedding glow.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water; this may be one of the simplest ways to achieve a radiant complexion for your special day. Water flushes toxins from your body, improves circulation and improves overall skin health.


Start a regular workout routine. Choose an activity you enjoy. Benefits of exercise include increased circulation and improved skin tone. Working out helps relieve stress and tension. Consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

Avoid Smoking

According to, smoking ages your skin and contributes to wrinkles.  Also, smoking depletes the epidermis of oxygen and critical nutrients. Consider quitting; inquire with a health professional for tips or treatments to help with smoking cessation.

Use Sunscreen

Protect your skin with sunscreen to avoid overexposure and damage from the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends choosing a sunscreen offering broad-spectrum protection, water-resistance and an SPF 30 or greater.

Attack Acne

To avoid acne break outs, keep your skin as clean as possible at all times and use oil-free cosmetics. Consider using over-the-counter acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide, an organic compound that kills the acne-causing bacteria. For stubborn acne, consult with a dermatologist regarding prescription strength treatments.

Spa Treatments

Visit a local spa for specialized skin treatments such as a facial, body scrub or body wrap.  Types of facials include regular face mask, aromatherapy, extra-hydrating, all-natural fruit, oxygen, deep-cleansing, chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Exfoliate your skin with a full body scrub containing ingredients such as sea salt, sugar and coconut. Body wraps help remove toxins from your body: types of ingredients may include clay, essential oils and herbs.

 Toss Old Make-Up

Remove old cosmetics from your make-up repertoire by checking for expiration dates. Expired cosmetics lose their effectiveness over time and may irritate skin or cause an infection. Wash your make-up brushes every 2-3 months and clean cosmetic sponges weekly, discarding after a month.

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