Waterfall Weddings

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Say your vows amidst the romantic setting of a waterfall as the gentle hush of flowing water and soft mists fill the air.  Couples desiring a waterfall wedding appreciate the intimate outdoor connection to nature and the musical sounds of spilling water. Read on for a look at the different types of locales for waterfall weddings.


Waterfalls occur in places where water spills down over a vertical drop. They come in a variety of sizes and may be natural or artificial. When selecting a waterfall for your wedding location, be sure to obtain the proper permits or make advanced reservations with a company specializing in waterfall weddings.

Tropical Waterfalls

Imagine getting married in paradise, a place where a water cascades into a tranquil tropical pool surrounded by glistening rocks, lush emerald greenery and the vibrant hues of tropical flowers. Tropical waterfalls are found all over the world in exotic warm locations from Hawaii to Bali.

Mountainside Waterfalls

Experience the splendor of a mountain waterfall wedding ceremony filling the atmosphere with the majestic and often deafening roar of water and clouds of floating mists. Wherever mountain ranges are located waterfalls are sure to follow as waterfalls are a natural geologic phenomenon associated with the vertical drop of rivers or melting of snow.

Urban Waterfalls

Combining art with water, urban waterfalls bring a sense of calmness and nature to the metropolitan environment. Urban waterfalls feature a variety of styles from walls of water to cheerful and creek-like cascades tumbling over small steps to vast walls of rain curtains.

Waterfall Caverns

Deep inside a handful of caves in the world are magnificent waterfalls waiting to echo your love. Waterfalls found inside caverns are rare and unusual, even more uncommon are waterfalls inside caves that are suitable for weddings. This means they are accessible, well-lit and safe. Waterfall caverns are located in areas with lots of caves such as Arkansas and New York, famous for Niagara Falls.

Garden Waterfalls

Enjoy your special day amid the fragrance of flowers with a garden waterfall, either natural or hand-built for inclusion into the landscape. Garden waterfalls occur in many forms such as botanical gardens, butterfly observatories or rainforest arboretums.

Important Considerations

Make safety your number one priority when having a waterfall wedding. Although breathtakingly beautiful, waterfalls are inherently unsafe due to slippery terrain related to turbulent waters, splashes and mists. Do not get too close and never underestimate the power of a waterfall no matter how large or small. Consider having your wedding a short distance from the waterfall serving more as a photogenic backdrop. Ensure all guests are educated regarding the potential hazards of waterfalls and strongly recommend the wearing of proper clothing and stable footwear such as sneakers or hiking boots.

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