Mistakes to Avoid for Bridal Show Exhibitors

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Lots of people attend bridal shows from couples and brides with an entourage in tow to wedding planners and consultants. Bridal shows present a wonderful opportunity for your wedding-related business or service to capture the attention of the masses. Read on to learn about mistakes to avoid for bridal show exhibitors.

Poor Presentation

Seek the fine balance between an underwhelming display and an over-the top-spectacle for your bridal show presentation. If your booth is too conservative or reserved in appearance such as a plain table with a stack of brochures, it may not catch the eye of bridal show attendees. On the other hand, an exhibit that is outrageously glitzy and bright with an abundance of bells and whistles may communicate too much and result in visual overload, neither fully delivers the information potential buyers seek.  Keep all the text on your display graphics simple, check the spelling and avoid being too wordy.

Unprepared Staff

Prepare your staff in advance; a booth filled with inattentive and unknowledgeable personnel will not benefit your business.  Educate your staff on all facets of your products or service featured at the bridal show and practice customer interactions. Turn your staff into subject matters experts who are very knowledgeable about the products and services offered with the ability to discuss the features and benefits to visitors. Set boundaries for staff conduct and behavior such as no sitting down nor excessive talking or gossiping to each other, no chewing gum or eating meals inside the booth. Create a unified look for your staff, have everyone dress consistently such as polo shirts with the company’s logos to office attire, avoid too casual or unkempt attire.

Too Much Material

Bringing too many brochures and handouts is a mistake due to the unfortunate fact that much of it lands in a trash receptacle resulting in a less than desirable rate of return on your investment. Consider interactive options for bridal show attendees such as a display featuring a QR code that bridal show attendees may scan with their phones, live demonstrations or a sponsor a twitter contest.  If giving away freebies, ensure that your logo is branded on each one. Note that freebies are the exception the rule; they are something you do not want to run out.

No Buzz

Not advertising in advance or making your bridal show appearance known to the public on the Internet could be a missed opportunity for your wedding-related business at a bridal show. Know and use the power of visual and social media to advertise your presence at a bridal show. Generate buzz and attract customers incorporate platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter into your media strategy toolbox. Considering offering show specials or discounts on your blog or website.

The Great Bridal Expo is the only bridal event in the U.S. featuring  local and national companies covering everything from pre-wedding planning to the new home after the wedding.  To request information on exhibiting or sponsorship information, click HERE.

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