Home-Based Bridal Sewing Business

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Combine your love of sewing and savvy business acumen into a home-based sewing business specializing in wedding attire and accessories. Doing what you love for people in love is a match made in heaven providing you have the appropriate needle-and-thread skills and abilities. The advantages of a home-based business include low overhead and setting your own work hours. Read on for a look at a few suggestions and ideas for a home-based wedding sewing business.

Starting Out

Contact your local city and state government regarding business licenses and requirements for home-based business. Find an accountant who specializes in small businesses and inquire about tax returns and record-keeping requirements. Consult with your home insurance agency regarding a rider for your home-based wedding business or cost of a separate policy. Research the going current market rates in the area for your sewing services and price yourself competitively. Create a budget and write a business plan for the first year listing estimated goals and expenses.


Decide on a type of sewing specialty for your home-based wedding business. Create one-of-a-kind bridal gowns as a designer and make original dresses inspired by your artistic vision. Dressmakers bring to life exquisite bridal creations from the imagination or desires of your clients such as a recreation of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s regal wedding gown. Make custom-tailored groom and groomsmen attire and tender tuxedo alterations. Offer expert alterations of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Crafty types might want to consider specializing in wedding accessories such as veils, headpieces, custom beadwork, ring-bearer pillows, reception table cloths and extraordinary embellishments.

Creating a Workspace

Select an area of your home to serve as a singular dedicated workspace, multiple workspaces lose their effectiveness and are not very productive. Choose a room large enough to accommodate your sewing needs and far away from the aromas of the kitchen or noise of a laundry room. Invest in the best equipment you can afford and capable of achieving high-quality and professional results. Additionally, make sure you have an adequate supply of support paraphernalia including scissors, measuring tape, pins and a three-way mirror

Advertising and Marketing

Develop a marketing and advertising plan focusing on a variety of strategies including essential components such as the features and benefits of your sewing service, price points and special promotions or deals. Contact your local bridal shops to establish relationships and offer your services for their customers. Exhibit in a local bridal show, this is a great opportunity to reach your target market base and create leads, Invest in a website and a Business Facebook page to inform and interact with current and potential customers. Offer enticing content such as a useful blog or YouTube video demonstrating your sewing expertise. All advertising materials should feature your company logo, methods of contact and availability.

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