Flash Mob Wedding Proposals

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Wedding proposals by flash mob have raised the bar very high for a unique way to say, “Will you marry me?” Flash mob wedding proposals happen in seemingly innocent surroundings designed to surprise the recipient with a very public yet over-the-top dance number culminating in the popping of the question.  Read on to learn more about flash mob wedding proposals.


Originally, flash mobs were intended to be social experiments or stunts about meaningless eyebrow-raising choreographed acts performed for a brief period of time by large groups of people who disappeared as quickly as they assembled. The first flash mobs were performed in New York.  The exact date of the first flash mob wedding proposal is unknown. YouTube indicates that “Marry You” by Bruno Mars is one of the more popular flash mob wedding proposal songs, a good example is shown here.

Choosing a Concept

The success of a flash mob wedding proposal begins with the selection of a unique idea featuring the wedding proposal as the final message. Select a theme song that is energetic and captures the mood of the occasion. Get your team of co-conspirators together and determine the types of physical activity for your flash mob to perform such as running, jumping and easy choreography steps.

Picking a Location

Important to the success of your flash mob is a location with lots of room for the participants to move. Places to consider include shopping malls, local parades, museums, festivals, fundraisers, holiday events or parties. Choose one with public access and make sure all appropriate permits or reservations are in place before the performance.

Spreading the Word

Flash mob wedding proposals are famous for the use of social media, email and texting to update and notify participants of important details from rehearsal times to meeting spots. Create a Facebook page for your flash mob and make a twitter hash tag for cell phone and smart device communications. Put together an email contact group list of participants to invite and stay connected.

Where to Find Participants and Rehearsals

Lots of people are the key to a flash mob; there can be as few as twenty individuals or into the thousands. Covertly recruit your core group by using web resources and word of mouth. Still need more people? Ask your local Scout organizations, university students, church groups, sport teams, community groups, fitness centers, dance studios or gyms. Contact all participants in advance for at least one preflash mob rehearsal on location, especially if complex choreography is involved. Otherwise, texting a time, place and instructions should suffice. Upload a YouTube video of all dance steps or synchronized activities to allow participants to practice at home.

The Big Moment

Before you take her breath away, attend to last minute details such as reminding everyone to act nonchalant and blend into the crowd before, make sure the mob group is ready to disperse after, position any signs or banners and ensure the sound system is working. Contact local media and make sure you have assigned someone to photograph and video record the event. And most importantly of all, don’t forget the ring.

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