Wedding Music Essentials

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pic for wedding music essentialsMusic lends a magical ambiance to your wedding, filling the air with the sound of love. Choosing a wedding band or soloist for your nuptials is an important decision and one of the primary tasks when planning your ceremony and reception. Find the perfect match for your wedding music needs on your special day. Read on to learn about wedding musician essentials.


Before choosing wedding musicians for your big event, know exactly what you are looking for in terms of music. Finalize your selections to include the top two or three bands. Visit each band while performing live in front of an audience and determine if they will be a good fit for your wedding. Some things to consider when watching a live performance include observing how the band engages the audience, noting if they smile or tell jokes between songs, offering to take requests from the audience and seeing how they get a crowd on the dance floor.


The next step after narrowing down your choices is to ask for specifics such as determining the level of experience the band possesses. Questions to include during an interview include length of time the group has performed together, previous groups individual band members have played for, places the band has performed and the size of previous audiences.  Ask the musicians for references from previous weddings gigs and inquire if the band was punctual, played a good set or if any problems occurred.


Know what kind of music you would like performed at your wedding and ask if the band can accommodate your requests. It is not uncommon to pay extra for custom performances that include a number of special songs that require a band to learn and rehearse for your wedding. Brainstorm with your band, they offer lots of experience and might be able to make suggestions on how to round out your wedding music list.


Keep your band happy and show your musicians appreciation. One simple way to show your gratitude is to feed the band; this makes a great and popular option especially if your wedding reception offers a buffet. Provide your band with complimentary water or drinks. Live musicians as a rule do not expect tips when playing a wedding, however if the performance is more than exceptional considering giving the band a monetary bonus.


Be sure to sign a detailed contract with your band. Terms to include in your contract include date, time and location, number of musicians to perform, clarify who provides sound and lighting equipment, who operates the mixer and lighting equipment, dress code, list of required songs, deposits and final payment dates and number of audience members expected to attend.


One thing couples can always count on when planning a wedding is to expect the unexpected. More than likely, you have contracted your band many months in advance of your wedding, ask your band if they have backups for musicians unable to attend or a backup band in case something unforeseen occurs. Know in advance how to contact the backup band or if the band you hired will take care of the responsibility of a replacement.

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