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Protect the environment by making positive Eco-friendly choices for your wedding by sharing a love of the world with your future spouse. Weddings display the personal styles and tastes of couples and an Eco-friendly wedding is a great opportunity to make a low impact footprint on the environment. Having a green wedding does not mean sacrificing style or elegance; benefits include less waste and more money saved. Read on for Eco-friendly tips and ideas for your wedding day.

Green Wedding Registry

Less is always more when selecting items for your green wedding registry. Choose items that you really need for your home reflecting a choice in conscious. Go ahead and be bold, make requests for your environmental friendly home such as solar water heaters, compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar phone charger, bamboo place settings, pair of mountain bikes, organic cotton linens, energy meters or monitors, rain barrels, compost starter kits or energy star appliances. Register with retailers offering sustainable living items or organic products. Invite gift givers to make donations to causes that you and your future spouse support.

Choosing Local Organics

Serve locally grown organic foods at your wedding reception, this Eco-friendly option supports your agricultural community and regional economy. The benefits of organically grown produce include great tasting food that is devoid of potentially toxic additives such as pesticides, herbicides, artificial hormones or antibiotics. Your guests will love the fresh tastes and wonderfully flavors of in-season produce from juicy strawberries to sweet watermelons. Organic farming practices include crop rotations, composting and cover crops. Check in advance what kinds of items are in season during your wedding and incorporate them into your reception menu.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Be aware from the very beginning stages of your wedding on ways to lessen the impact on the environment. One way to accomplish this is to choose recycled paper for your wedding invitations and use environmental friendly inks. Alternatively, go ‘zero’ impact and send your wedding invites digitally via email or direct your guests to an interactive wedding website to RSVP. Create a romantic ambiance for your wedding or reception by lighting candles made from pure natural beeswax or biodegradable soy; avoid petroleum-based paraffin candles as these are not considered a renewable resource.

Something Borrowed

Celebrate the ancient wedding tradition of adding “something borrowed” to your wedding attire repertoire. One of the more popular ‘something borrowed” options is to wear your mother’s wedding dress, practiced by many women over countless generations. Other possibilities include wearing your grandmother’s veil or ring. Think outside the box, the ‘something borrowed’ does not necessarily have to come from a woman: grooms  consider wearing your great-grandfather’s cuff links or father’s handkerchief or pocket square.

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