Gangnam Style and Other Popular Wedding Dances

February 8, 2013 at 4:15 pm 1 comment

PIC FOR GANGHAM STYLE POP WEDDING DANCESWeddings are cause for joyous celebration and one way to add to the merriment is by dancing at the reception. Traditional dances include the newlywed’s first dance, the father daughter dance and wedding party dance. Popular dance crazes always find a way to appear at wedding receptions, a few go on to be popular wedding classics. Read on to learn more about popular wedding dance crazes.

Gangnam Style

Sweeping the nation by storm is the Gangnam Style dance craze of 2012, a worldwide Internet viral phenomenon made popular by the South Korean pop star PSY. Gangnam Style refers to a free-spirited attitude and lifestyle found within the young people from the city of Seoul. The dance is sometimes referred to as the “horse-riding dance” a direct reference to moves that imitate the riding of an invisible horse. Nothing gets a wedding reception hopping faster than the irreverent silliness of Gangnam Style dance, a maybe here-to-stay wedding dance.


Originally a one hit wonder from the 1990s, the Macarena is a Spanish song sung by Los del Rio featuring a fusion of Flamenco, Pop and Rumba music styles. The Macarena dance is a type of line dance featuring a series of simple arm choreography performed in a rotating 4-square pattern with very little foot movement except to turn. The dance is deceptively addictive and easy to learn making it a natural draw for wedding receptions and can be performed by small and large groups alike. Although, no longer popular on the contemporary cultural front, the Macarena lives on at wedding receptions.

The Chicken Dance

Get your oom-pah suspenders on and accordion shined for the polka-inspired classic wedding dance, the Chicken Dance, a wedding reception dance favorite since the 1950s. The Chicken Dance is a classic circle dance that invites the participants to gather in the round, strut like a chicken, place their hands under their armpits and flap their wings in unison. The Chicken Dance is like an itch you cannot get rid of and a permanent mainstay in the love-hate relationship annals of wedding dances. Overall, it is a delightfully entertaining dance for all ages.

Conga Line

This historically popular dance dates back to the roaring 1920s and features an Afro-Cuban or Brazilian dance beat. Easy to learn, the dance is performed in a single file line where participants place hands on the hips of the person in front them and slowly walk in a step-1-2-3 kick formation until the end of the song. The leader of the conga guides the group in a zigzag pattern across the dance floor. The ever-enduring conga line is a hit with old and young alike.

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