Unique Lighting for Weddings

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Candles by pool.Enhance your wedding with the creative use of unique lights, a relatively inexpensive way to add drama or flair to your wedding.  With the right kind of lighting, you can make an otherwise dull venue into a spectacular one. Read on to learn more about ideas for unique lighting for weddings.


Why have plain white walls at your wedding when you can swash them in your favorite wedding colors with the use of colored light bulbs? Choose from a rainbow of colors including pink, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow and red. Mix and match colors for dramatic effects. Be sure to select the correct bulbs for your lighting fixtures. Colored lights are available in many different bulb sizes from globes to reflectors and may be purchased online or locally.

String Lights

Get creative with string lights at your wedding, no longer considered decorations for the holidays. String lights are a great choice for indoor or outdoor weddings. For outdoor venues, wrap them around shrubbery, string overhead or decorate upon tree limbs. Create a starry night effect at an indoor wedding by stringing large quantities of string lights across the ceiling. Use icicle string lights to make an impressive visual statement. White lights are popular but any color will suffice. Select a basic, globe or custom shape for the bulb.


Candlelight lends a romantic ambiance to your ceremony or reception by providing a soft and intimate light. Types of candles include tapers, pillars, votives and tea lights. If you have a water feature nearby to your wedding venue, consider the use of floating candles for an added effect. Decorate the reception tables with specialty candles in the shape of hearts, stars, flowers or dove. Candles may be decorated with ribbons or flowers.


Transform your wedding venue with the use of spotlights, powerful lights that projects a concentrated beam. Spotlights are great for adding a sense of drama to your ceremony especially when used for up-lighting, a technique that shines a light from the floor to ceiling. Spotlights may be plain white or colored. Cut out a monogram of your initials or favorite wedding designs into a stencil and shine a spotlight through it, an easy and cheap way to make a proclamation of your love.

Sky Lanterns and Luminarias

Rising in popularity is the sky lantern, similar to a hot air balloon made of paper using candles. Sky lanterns are best for outdoor venues at night. They make an impressive display to behold and will surely impress your guests. Before incorporating sky lanterns into your wedding repertoire, be sure that your venue allows the use of sky lantern and that all safety codes are followed and the proper permits are acquired in advance.

Similar to sky lanterns are luminarias, brown paper bags filled with sand containing a tea light inside. The do not float but create a similar effect to a sky lantern. Luminarias are wonderful for lining walkways and garden paths.

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