Who to Invite to Your Wedding

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who to invite to your weddingMaking a guest list for your wedding can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. The first order of business when choosing guests to invite is to establish some basic ground rules such as a head count of how many people to invite and whether to invite children or not. Many people might make suggestions on guests to invite to your wedding. Ultimately, the final decision belongs to you and your future spouse. Read on to learn about who to invite to your wedding.

Wedding Party

The first invites to your wedding will most likely go to members of the wedding party, these are the persons chosen to serve as best man, maid of honor, groomsmen and bridesmaids. Since these will be some of your closest friends and family, a casual invite such as meeting for lunch, a quick phone call or text message will suffice. Of course, you will want to send all wedding party members a formal invite as well.  Other wedding party members you might want to invite include flowers girls and ring bearers.


Make a priority list of family members you would like to invite to your wedding. Be sure to include immediate family members such as mothers, fathers, sister and brothers. Next widen the circle to include grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Choose family members that you share a strong emotional bond or attachment. Typically, distant relatives who you have not seen or spoke to in years may not be offended if you need to leave them off your guest list for budget reasons.


As a couple, there will be a high number of friends between the two of you to consider inviting to your wedding. To simplify matters, begin by inviting long-term friends, these are the people who have known you forever and the bond feels every bit as close as family. Mutual friends are people that have a friendship with the two of you. Other types of friends to invite may include members of a sports team you play with or a weekly book club that has been meeting for years. Occasionally at larger weddings, family members may want to invite family friends, these are persons with a relationship with your family, but not necessarily closest to you. Invite as many friends to your wedding as space and your budget may permits and never forget the couple always has the last word on who to invite.


Inviting coworkers can be a little more delicate if not handled with appropriate tact and respect. One way to make this easy is to invite everyone to your wedding, a great option for smaller work environments. The only drawback is not to be offended if someone declines. If you work at a large office, consider inviting your immediate team and boss. Another alternative is to invite no one from your office, especially if you desire an intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family in attendance.

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