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GBE 2011 - NYC (14 of 49)Bridal shows offer wedding businesses an opportunity to reach potential customers and media, introduce new products or services and create a presence in the wedding industry. Essential ingredients to your company’s success at a bridal show includes great products and desirable services, a memorable message, attainable goals, an attractive booth, solid organization and a well-trained sales staff. Read on for tips on how to make a great first impression at a bridal show.

Polished Appearance

The saying is true, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Decorate your exhibit space to draw visitors in.   Present a professional appearance and dress for success when engaging the wedding-minded public. Develop a consistent look that ties all the existing exhibitor elements together by creating a cohesive environment. Keep personal belongings hidden and do not eat while in your exhibit space. Paying attention to wardrobe details might make the difference between successes or not, and include particulars such as wearing comfortable shoes, appearing well-groomed, limiting excessive jewelry and leaving the cologne at home.

Body Language

Tap into the power of non-verbal communication through positive body language when communicating with bridal show visitors and potential clients. Practice good posture by keeping your head up, avoid slouching, keep your hands out of your pockets and try not to fidget. Appear open and accessible at all times; do not sit in a chair waiting for visitors to engage you; do not unintentionally create barriers between you and your customer by crossing your arms or legs or holding a clipboard or drink between the two of you.  Display a calm demeanor; if feeling tense or stressed-out try relaxing your shoulders or neck. Take your time and slow down, no need to rush about at haphazard or breakneck speeds to help a customer, a slower yet steady response projects self-assurance and confidence.

Engaging Conversations

Establish a positive rapport with your bridal show visitors and potential clients. Do not be afraid to smile or laugh, by appearing enthusiastic people are more likely to listen to you. Make eye contact without staring and nod every now and then when someone speaks, this signals your interest and verifies you are listening to potential clients. Always lean in a bit when someone asks a question, this indicates your interest and commitment to sincere customer service. Respect the personal space of others and do not be a close-talker. Be aware of what your hands are doing, use them to emphasize and help describe your company’s message and avoid touching your face or scratching body parts.

The Great Bridal Expo is the only bridal event in the U.S. featuring  local and national companies covering everything from pre-wedding planning to the new home after the wedding.  To request information on exhibiting or sponsorship information, click HERE.

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