Wedding Makeup Tips

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gorgeous woman portraitAs your wedding day approaches, all the details fall into place from your final wedding dress fitting to confirming your reception venue. One detail not to be overlooked is your makeup, believe it or not some brides wait until the last minute to create a wedding day look or unrealistically expect a makeup artist to perform”magic”. Always do a trial run of your makeup before your wedding to make any necessary adjustments in color or application. There are several factors to consider when creating a bridal beauty plan for your special day including diet modifications, the location and time. Read on to learn about helpful wedding makeup tips.

Before Your Big Day

Months before your wedding day, begin a healthy skincare regimen, looking great depends a lot on what is underneath your makeup. Make sure to exercise regularly and maintain a fit lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Always cleanse your skin at least twice a day, once in the morning and the evening. Choose skin care product appropriate for your skin type such as moisturizers, cleansers, toners and serums. Wear a sunscreen when outside of least SPF 15.

Outdoor Wedding

From sandy beaches to high mountaintops, the great outdoors makes a wonderful location for your wedding. Outdoor makeup can be rather problematic as everything is seen in an unforgiving light. When applying makeup for an outdoor wedding, be sure to do so in natural light either outdoors or by a large window. If applying near a window, ensure that you are facing the window and do not have your back to it or sitting to one side, to do so would cause unnatural dark shadows and interfere with proper application of your makeup. Do not overdo your foundation or powder; this can make a bride appear caked and too heavy in natural light. The key to outdoor makeup is to keep it simple and natural.

Indoor Wedding

Whether exchanging vows before an altar or inside a grand hotel, indoor weddings offer special lighting consideration in terms of makeup application. First, determine the ambient type of light offered by your wedding venue and the type of lighting such as electric incandescent, fluorescent or candlelight. Next, consider the time of day you are getting married, then apply your makeup and see if it looks good under the light. If you are getting married in the evening, consider a polished and glamorous look replete with smoky eyes and lips with a slight pop of color. For a daytime wedding look, go for down-to-earth colors that enhance your natural beauty.

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