Getaway Car Decoration Ideas

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pic for getaway carDecorating the wedding getaway car is fun way to send a fond farewell to the newlyweds as they depart the reception on the way to their honeymoon. Typically, the groomsmen and close friends decorate the getaway car during the reception before the couple exits. Timing is everything; ask the bride’s mother or the groom when they plan to leave without stirring suspicion. One important rule of thumb for decorating a wedding getaway car is to always be tasteful, choose images inspired by love. Read on to learn more about getaway car decoration ideas.

Which Parts to Decorate?

Traditionally, the back of the car is decorated with a “Just Married” sign complete with tin cans hanging from strings off the bumper, the noise was meant to ward off bad luck towards the couple. Ensure the sign does not obstruct the rear view mirrors. Another popular custom is decorating the car windows with shaving cream or shoe polish. Get creative, draw hearts, flowers, doves and happy smiles. However, this method is not recommended for tinted windows as it may damage the glass surface. The body of the car offers a canvas of ideas from the tip of the antennae to the doors and roof. Do not forget to decorate the inside of the car and be mindful to avoid decorations that might interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Choosing Decorating Materials

Car decorations can be very elaborate or simple depending on the planning. For the “Just Married” sign, bridal party decorators may use a white poster board and marker or have a custom sign made at a professional print company. If someone in the decorating party has artistic talent enlist their aid with drawing images of love on the windows with bar soap, white shoe polish or shaving cream, not the gel kind. Ribbons and streamers may be attached to the doors and antennas, select the same colors as the wedding for a personal touch. Place a few colorful balloons inside the car or scatter rose petals on the seats.

What If They Have a Rental?

Not all couples will leave in their personal vehicles; some might obtain the services of a luxury car or limousine rental to whisk them away. If this is the case, then the decorating options must be changed as to not risk damage to the automobile. For a “Just Married” sign, consider hanging a cloth banner from the trunk and forgo any use of tin cans-on-strings due to the potential to create accidental scratches or dents. Decorate the windows with removable window decals featuring colorful wedding themes. Use giant-sized custom-made detachable car magnets on the body of the vehicle to display fun wedding hearts, cheery cherubs or even photos of the newlyweds.

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