Survival Tips for Wedding Show Staff

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Team with hands togetherBridal trade shows are exciting events featuring great opportunities and prospects for exhibitors. Staff for a wedding trade show are often expected to endure long hours of standing and maintain a strong focus by staying alert. The key to success for your bridal trade show staff is to reduce stress in your exhibition environment. Optimize your staff experience by heeding sage advice and professional knowledge. Read on to learn more about survival tips for wedding show staff.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before going to a wedding trade show make sure your staff is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of your business ensuring each is aware of their individual responsibilities Make sure to designate a show manager and have everyone practice setting up and packing the booth. Require your staff to practice their scripts by answering questions and making presentations before the event.

What to Wear

The proper clothing can make or break your bridal show personnel’s ability to do their job well. Encourage your staff to wear comfortable shoes with appropriate arch support and insole cushions. Uncomfortable shoes may bring stress and pain to the wearer and potential customers may perceive this as distressing. Select trade show uniforms that are comfortable yet sensible. Choose clothing such as relaxed polos or shirts with the company logo embroidered on them. If you do not have uniforms, recommend relaxed but professional clothing choices such as khakis and light-weight blazers.

Breaks and Staying Hydrated

Keep your wedding show personnel fresh by scheduling regular breaks about every two hours (depending on the length of the show). This helps your staff by allowing time for rejuvenation. It is very important to schedule a lunch break for your staff members if the show if more than four hours. Do not allow eating in your booth, it looks unprofessional and most bridal shows do not allow it anyway. Bring extra bottled water for your bridal show staff to drink. Speaking to people all day can be tiring on the vocal chords and it helps to stay drink water to stay hydrated. Too much caffeine can result in over stimulation and can be very dehydrating.

Booth Emergency Kit

Prepare your staff in advance for a bridal show experience replete with noise, bright lights and crowds, all precursors to many an unexpected headache. Be sure to stock your booth with wedding show essentials such as Band-Aids, pain relievers and anti-acids. Another basic to add to your bridal show survival tool belt is the breath mint. Everyone’s breath should be minty fresh as it is important to have nice breath when speaking to customers. Eye drops are great to have on hand for dry air conditions or long days.

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