Beach Weddings in Hawaii

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Bride jumping on beach.Celebrate your wedding on the stunning tropical beaches of Hawaii; get married barefoot in the sand or in full view of the roaring surf from a palm tree-lined luxury resort. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the state of Hawaii is composed of islands formed primarily from volcanic rock. The Hawaiian Islands offers soon-to-be-wed couples a variety of premier beach-side options for their wedding considerations. After deciding on a wedding date, it is time to consider the best beach for your nuptials. The friendly aloha spirit combined with the laid-back island atmosphere draws lovers from around the world. Read on to learn more about a beach wedding in Hawaii.

About Hawaii Beaches

The beaches of Hawaii are incredibly beautiful in appearance and the sand comes in an array of colors including green, black, tan, pink and white. Lava flows create black sand, broken coral and sea shells make white sand and the mineral olivine gives a green color to sand.

Choosing a Time of Year

Hawaii offers two seasons, wet and dry: although the temperature is generally pleasant year round. Most couples choosing to wed in Hawaii aim for the high and dry season months of April through October. The rainy season usually occurs during the months of November to March. Some of the nicest weather conditions and best travel bargains occur in April, May, September and October.

Know Your Budget

Destination weddings costs can be exorbitant and Hawaii is no exception. Before making reservations, know exactly how much you can afford, make a budget and stick to it. Look online for airline deals and the best hotel rates. If you have airline miles or hotel points, use those to help save on wedding costs.

Select an Island

The most popular islands for a beach wedding are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. There are many choices for a beach wedding in Hawaii, but no matter which island you choose, it will be scenic. Also known as The Big Island, the island of Hawaii offers lush tropical beaches and volcanic landscapes. Referred to as the ‘Garden Isle’ is Kauai, an emerald paradise with sun-drenched golden beaches. The Island of Oahu offers easy access to the Honolulu International Airport, where most flights arrive. For an intimate wedding, choose Lanai for a rural experience.

Picking a Venue

Hawaiian beach weddings are offered at many different types of venues from hotels with built-in wedding packages to on-the-beach luxury resorts to charming inns to quaint tropical bed and breakfasts. Ask your venue if they offer wedding packages or the services of a wedding coordinator. Inquire if your location has reception facilities on the premises or nearby. When selecting a site for a sunset wedding, consider the time and direction of the sun.

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