Types of Wedding Bouquets

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blog picCarrying a bouquet as you walk down the aisle is a beloved wedding tradition and one of the most exciting aspects when planning your wedding ensemble. Bouquets may be handmade; however most are created by a professional florist. When selecting your bouquet there are several factors to consider such as the formality, personal style and venue of your wedding. If desired, coordinate your colors to complement your dress and wedding theme. Read on to learn more about different types of wedding bouquets.


Round bouquets are circular in shape; they may be any size and composed of one type of flower or a mix of several blossoms. The ballerina bouquet is small round bouquet finished with a wrap of tulle. Biedermeier bouquets feature tightly wrapped circular bouquets with a different color for each ring.


The cascade bouquet showcases a rounded bouquet that falls into a V-shape creating a waterfall effect. Popular with pageants, this sort of bouquet is cradled in one arm leaving the other one free to hold your soon-to-be spouse’s hand. Long stem flowers such as roses or lilies work great for this style.


Posies are small rounded bouquets that are easy to carry and go well with a wide variety of flowers. They are a popular option for bridesmaids to carry as they do not compete with the bride’s bouquet. The simple design of a posy make them an ideal option for brides who want to create their own bouquets. The nosegay is similar to the posy except slightly larger in size.


The pomander is a ball-shaped mound of flowers attached to a ribbon wristlet and held by the hand. Another name for the pomander is the kissing ball bouquet. Popular flowers to use for a pomander include carnations, chrysanthemums, miniature roses, freesias, hydrangeas, daisies and orchids.


Hand-tied floral bouquets feature a simple design of mixed blossoms and foliage hand tied at the stems. Wrapping the flowers by hands provides a charming look to your bouquet and works well with down-to-earth or rustic wedding themes. Your bouquet may be hand-tied with any material of your choice from silk ribbons to jute rope. Wildflowers make a popular flower choice for the hand tied bouquet.

Basket Bouquet

Flower girls often carry a basket at weddings, gently scattering petals. Wedding baskets bouquets are also suitable for bridesmaids and the bride. They may be carried on one arm or by hand depending on the size. Almost any type of flower is suitable for wedding basket bouquets. Attach ribbons for a decorative effect.

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