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For wedding cupcake bakers, business is booming. Create a niche in the wedding cake business with a cupcake company and help make a couple’s special day a little sweeter. There are many reasons couples are choosing cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake. One, is the convenience of an individual serving size and two, cupcakes have great novelty appeal. Read on for helpful information about the wedding cupcake business.

Cupcake History

Many believe cupcakes first appeared in the pages of dessert history right after World War I. Back in the day they were called ‘number cakes’, the name derived from the list of ingredients that began with one cup of butter, two cups of sugar and three cups of flour. Today’s modern wedding cupcakes contain many different types and amounts of ingredients. Wedding cupcakes make a great non-traditional treat for receptions.

Skills and Background

No experience is required to start a wedding cupcake business, although a talent for baking and ability for business is helpful. Before starting your business, consider working as an assistant for a wedding baker or caterer to get an insider’s view. Consider enrolling in a professional culinary program or entrepreneur class.

Create a Niche

Know who your competition is and figure out ways to make your wedding cupcakes stand out from the crowd by developing a niche market. Some wedding cupcake niches include large decorative cupcake towers, vegan cupcakes, gluten-free cupcakes or organic cupcakes.

Legal Considerations

Ensure that you follow all local and state government regulations for small businesses and obtain the proper licenses. Food-service businesses are highly regulated by the health department, failure to properly comply with standards may result in operating delays or worst. Develop a business plan outlining your wedding cupcake business goals for the next year.

Name and Location

Choose a name for your wedding cupcake business that best represents your personal style and is memorable, as it will be one of the first things a potential client will identify and remember. Check to see if the name is not already taken then register it. Determine if you will be baking from home or your own shop. Make sure the location you choose is stocked with the proper equipment needed to operate your wedding cupcake business.

Supplies and Costs

Create a budget then make an inventory of all the supplies needed to run your wedding cupcake business. Be sure to include everything from the smallest detail to the largest items. Always be aware of expenses and stay budget minded as this can make or break your company.


Spread the word about your wedding cupcake business. Create a website, use social media, make partnerships with other wedding-related companies, share brochures and exhibit at bridal shows. Advertise in local publications and participate in your community. Join a professional wedding industry organization.

Be sure to Exhibit at the Great Bridal Expo.  Great Bridal Expo is the only bridal event in the U.S. featuring  local and national companies covering everything from pre-wedding planning to the new home after the wedding.  To request information on exhibiting or sponsorship information, click HERE.

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