Beach Wedding Photo Tips

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PICTURE FOR ADVENTUROUS VENUESGetting married on the beach is a dream come true for couples who love sand, surf and each other. The general atmosphere of a beach wedding is relaxed and casual. When posing for beach photos understand that the occasion is subject to the whims of environmental elements. Taking a great photo on the beach involves a unique combination of groups, weather, sun and tides. Read on for beach wedding photo tips.


Beach lighting can be very flattering particularly at certain times of the day. Morning light will bring a sensitive softness or haze to the light in photographs. Light reflection off of morning fog or white sand imbues a subtle sparkling effect onto your wedding photos. Twilight and evening beach photos lend subdued lighting effects that greatly enhance your photographs with dramatic imagery such as fiery red sunsets or golden sun rays spanning the expanse of the sky. Try to avoid middle of the day or afternoon sunlight as this may results in extreme contrasts of harsh shadows and overly bright highlights.


Create unforgettable wedding photos with beach action shots. Take a picture of the bride and groom running through the surf holding hands and laughing. Line up the wedding party for a race along the shore. Have everyone leap into the air at the same time. These types of spontaneous action shots are lots of fun and make great additions to your wedding album. Some things to consider when posing for action shots are the direction of the wind, make sure everyone’s face is towards the wind so as not to obscure features.


Sunsets and sunrises always make great backdrops for beach wedding photographs and a great opportunity to capture a romantic silhouette. Ask the newly married couple to face each other while holding hands or placing arms around each other while gazing into the sunset. The key to a successful silhouette shot is to turn off your flash, and then position the couple in front of the sun creating a dark almost black shadow effect.

Beach Elements

Explore the elements that make your beach special and include them in your wedding photographs. Look for unusual rock formations, drift wood, sand art sculptures, weathered piers, coconut groves, sand dunes, old bicycles or wooden boardwalks. Gather the wedding party to toss beach balls high into the air. Snap a pic of the groomsmen carrying the bride atop a surfboard. Give the flower girl and ring bearer a play shovel and pail to to make sand castles. Invite the bridesmaids to pose with cute rice-paper parasols. Place tiki torches in the sand for sunset wedding photos with an added flair.

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