Amusement Park Weddings

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Bride and groom.Begin the adventure of your lifetime with a thrilling wedding at an amusement or theme park. Pledge your love while plummeting down a roller coaster or floating in a boat through the Tunnel of Love. If you are a fan of these fun-filled destinations then celebrate your inner kid with a non-traditional wedding at an amusement park. Read on to learn about amusement park weddings.

Types of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks feature a collection of rides and attractions all in one location for the enjoyment of groups of people, the size of these parks may range from small to mega-huge. Smaller parks include boardwalk entertainment areas such as Coney Island or family-friendly Kiddie Land. Larger amusement parks may span over 300 acres offering multi-day adventures. Popular amusement parks in this category include Disneyland, Disney World, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Sea World. Theme parks featuring a specific focus include all water parks and locales such as Knot’s Berry Farm, DollyWood and Hershey Park.

Best Time of Year

High season for most amusement parks is during the summer months of June, July and August, the time when most kids are out of school and families go on vacation. High season usually features hot weather and crowded conditions. Consider a fall wedding when the parks are less jam-packed and the temperature is milder. Winter brings cold weather and some parks are closed. When planning your wedding expect higher costs and busy conditions on holidays and weekends.

Choosing an Amusement Park

Think about the fun times enjoyed at an amusement park. If you have a favorite amusement park, then making your wedding venue decision will be very easy. If you are not sure which park to choose, take into account several factors such as date availability, weather, location, accessibility for wedding guests, local accommodations, reception venues and costs.

Inquire About Packages

After selecting an amusement park for your wedding destination, the next step is to inquire about wedding packages. Most theme parks host weddings. Wedding package information can be found on their websites or by calling. Be sure to inquire about discounts or specials, especially if you choose to have your wedding on a weekday or morning. Find out all the details of the packages and know exactly what is included and is excluded. Are there any hidden costs? All-inclusive packages may require deposits and minimum pricing standards must be met.

Make a Reservation

The last step after perusing wedding packages is to make a reservation for your ceremony date. Be sure to verify the time and date with the park. Theme park wedding packages often feature an onsite wedding coordinator to assist you with your wedding preparations.

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