Newest Colors for Weddings

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Wedding tableChoosing colors for your wedding can be a multifaceted undertaking especially when adding in considerations such as personal tastes, venue, season and trends. Selecting colors for your wedding is always a truly personal endeavor; always keep in mind your wedding can be whatever you desire. If you want to stand out from the pack and try something new then delight your guests with unexpected combinations of colors. Read on for a look at some of the newest color trends for weddings.


Add a touch of opalescence to your wedding by choosing metallic colors such as silver, gold, bronze, iron or copper. Themes and colors go hand-in-hand at your wedding, give your wedding a nod to the future with silver, representative of the 25th anniversary or gold, symbolic of the 50th wedding anniversary. Combine metals for an added effect such as bronze with gold or silver and gold.  Mix and match with colors such as silver and ice blue, copper and hunter green or gold and garnet.


Celebrate colors inspired by qualities of femininity. Colors are not necessarily relegated to absolute referrals of masculine or feminine, but some colors associated with girlish qualities tend to be light, soft or pastel. This is not to say all vibrant colors are masculine or pale colors are feminine, simply that different colors honor different aspects of individuality. Pink is wonderful in all its forms from dusty rose to hot neon pink. Choose the tone and hue that best represents your wedding. Other feminine colors to consider include lavender, lilac, cantaloupe, lemon chiffon and mint.


One of the hottest new wedding color trends is ombre, a type of hue blend where tints and shades subtly graduate into each other. You can choose one color for a monochromatic dark to light look or select two colors for a watercolor wash effect. Either way, the effect is stunning. Ombre weddings make a good choice for couples choosing more than two colors or desire a rainbow of colors. Incorporate ombre shades into all aspects of your wedding from your bouquet and bridesmaids dresses to reception centerpieces and the wedding cake.

The Four Elements

Bring the beauty of the four elements into your wedding by mixing hues inspired by the earth, sea, fire and sky. Earth tones include burnt sienna, dark umber, terracotta and sand. Add the liquid splendor of water to your wedding with azure, turquoise, glacier blue and lake green. Convey a sense of warmth with yellows, oranges, sunrise pinks and sunset reds. Make your wedding heavenly with sky-enthused colors such as cerulean blue or cloud white.

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