Choosing a Name for Your Wedding Business

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blog picWhen naming your wedding business you want to make a well-rounded, smart and sensible choice that is appealing to you potential customers planning a wedding. Selecting the right name for your business is critical to your overall business plan, subsidy and marketing strategies. Begin, by creating an organized plan to assist you in your naming efforts to help ensure optimum success. Read on for tips on how to choose a name for your wedding business.

Gather Information

Consider what your business does and how your future customers will benefit from your products or services. Identify key elements that make your business stand out from the others. Make a list of descriptive words that apply towards your business.

For example, if you own a florist shop, choose words that reflect floral terms and expressions. If you are a wedding musician, choose words that reflect the style of your musical qualities. Use a thesaurus to help discover similar words that might have been otherwise missed or overlooked.

Research what other businesses in your area have named themselves and compile a separate list of some of your favorites for inspiration.


Set aside quiet time for a brainstorming session, you may do this by yourself or in a group. Open your brainstorm session with a pen and paper and write down every thought or idea that comes to you in five minutes. Let spontaneity flow and do not attempt to censor or edit yourself.

Take a look at your list and cross out the name ideas that do not work. Next, examine the lists you created previously and do the same, cross out names that are not a fit for your business.

Merge the two lists together and pick your top three name ideas. At this point, continue refining the appellation process by trying out different combinations until you have the perfect name for your wedding business.

Test Viability

Create a focus group to ask questions about your wedding business name. Your focus group may be professional or consists of family, friends and employees.

The goal is to get unbiased opinions about your wedding business name. Ask pertinent questions such as is your new business name easy to pronounce?

Final Determination

Ensure that your wedding business name is unique and available for official registration by researching with the appropriate Secretary of State resources by web, phone call or mail.

Determine if the name will withstand the test of time by asking yourself if anything about it will make it appear dated in 1, 5 or 10 years. Is the name flexible enough to enable future growth? This is important as your prospective name is about to be everywhere from your business card to website.

Once a final name is established, immediately register it and begin branding your business identity and creating a presence in the wedding industry.

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