How to Ask for Testimonials

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Bride and groom laughing.Getting a testimonial from a satisfied customer is a great way to increase your wedding business credibility. Testimonials are statements given by customers commenting about the quality of service received from your company. Potential customers often search online for information about your wedding business before contracting services and one of the first things they do is read comments from other customers. They want to know if others enjoyed a positive experience with your business and how they liked your products or services. Read on for more information about testimonials and how to ask for them.

Who Do You Ask a Testimonial?

The person to ask for a testimonial is someone who has used your products or services, in other words your satisfied customer. If you have a famous or well-known client, kindly ask if they will provide feedback. Not only will their comments be very helpful, their celebrity will draw more attention to your business.

Never create a fake testimonial, this is dishonest and will hurt your business more than help.

What Kinds of Questions Do You Ask?

When asking for feedback from your customers, it is helpful to provide a list of questions addressing important points about your products or services. This helps give structure to your customer’s feedback and provides focus. The goal is to receive an unbiased honest responses.

Questions to ask include:

1.    What did you like most about the products or services?

2.    What was your favorite feature?

3.    Name three ways our products or services benefited your wedding.

4.    Would you recommend our products or services? Please explain, why?

5.    Would you like to add anything else?

When Is the Best Time to Request Testimonials?

The best time to ask for a testimonial is as soon as possible. If you wait too long to ask, you might forget or the memory may become too distant for your client to accurately recall. However, restrain from asking for a testimonial on the day of the wedding, wait at least a week for the honeymoon and for the overall excitement to wane.

Ways to Approach Customers for a Testimonial

The best way to ask for a testimonial is through email; this allows the customer to respond at their convenience and is less obtrusive than other forms of contact. Another good approach is to ask for feedback via mail; be sure to include a prepaid return envelope and instructions to help expedite the review.

Types of Testimonials

There are three main types of testimonials; written, video and audio.

Written testimonials may appear on websites, blogs, social media outlets, flyers and other marketing materials.

Videos feature the actual customer telling his or her story about their experience with your wedding company. Videos may be shared on YouTube, company website, Twitter, Facebook or DVD.

Audio is less common than the other forms; this is when a customer’s testimonial is recorded and burned to CD or uploaded as an audio file online.

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