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Bride holding bouquet.The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 6,000 weddings occurring each day. One of the most import aspects involved with planning a wedding is choosing a location to get married. Starting a wedding chapel business enables you to provide couples a place to hold their ceremony and celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. Read on to learn about getting started in the wedding chapel business.


Before opening your wedding chapel business it is very important to do research and compile information on what you need to be competitive. Find out what the going rate is for renting a chapel facility in your area by calling around or going online and requesting quotes. This gives you an approximate idea on what is a reasonable rate to charge in your locale for your wedding chapel services. When choosing a location, be sure to select one that is not overpopulated with wedding chapels, too much competition in one area may proffer a less than advantageous benefit for your business, the exception being that your chapel offers an exceptional niche unlike any others. Join professional organizations that support wedding industry businesses.


Determine if you are going to buy a chapel, rent or build your own custom chapel. Knowing the answer to this decision is helpful as you apply for the proper permits and business operating licenses in your area. Most importantly, discover what the local laws are in regards to conducting weddings and how you can meet all the necessary legal requirements such as wheelchair accessibility, insurance, building permits, and fire and health codes. Ensure your location offers ample parking and restroom facilities. Decide if your chapel will offer reception facilities and accompanying services.

Wedding Services

All wedding chapels feature an officiate, usually a choice of a religious or legal representative recognized to perform wedding ceremonies. Consider hiring a local minister, pastor or similar sort of wedding official. Wedding chapel businesses often offer an onsite wedding planner to help couples as they navigate the journey towards matrimony. Create partnerships with other wedding vendors such as entertainers, musicians, wedding suppliers and transportation specialists. Many chapels offer reception areas in conjunction with the chapel business.

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a distinctive design and style for your wedding chapel lends to creating a unique identity for your business. Whether you choose romantic roses, rustic charm or high couture, the environment of your wedding chapel sets the overall tone for each wedding by your use of details such as stained glass windows, marble staircases, candelabras or pews. Select a color theme and carry it throughout your structure. Accentuate the positive of your chapel, if your chapel has fantastic landscape views, why not put in picture windows?

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