Types of Interactive Experiences for Bridal Show Exhibitors

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Happy couple shoppingEngage your potential bridal show customers in new and interesting ways by providing interactive experiences at your booth. Bridal show exhibitors build relationships through face-to-face dialogue and listening by combining the latest technology, digital displays and games as conversation starters to share, provide important information and create participatory encounters for inquiring minds. Read on about types of interactive experiences for bridal show exhibitors

Fun Games

At your next bridal show exhibition, generate traffic to your booth with games, a fun way to draw attention and create excitement for your company’s wedding-related product or services. Appeal to the kid in everyone with games such as Wheel of Fortune, allowing visitors to spin a giant wheel to win prizes. Offer a trivia game with prizes to bridal show attendees with the best answers. Fill a jar with colorful candies with your company’s logo on them and award prizes to whoever guesses or comes closest to the correct number of sweets.


One of the most highly anticipated activities for bridal show attendees is the gathering of freebies or giveaways offered by the various booths and exhibitions. Tote bags emblazoned with your company’s logo make a popular giveaway item. Other items to consider include small water bottles, hand sanitizer, lanyards, silicon bands, carabineer key rings and cooking utensils. Helpful tip, if you choose to give out pens ensure they offer distinctive details such as flashing lights with fluffy marabou feathers or floating glitter. Catering business give out free samples of cakes or appetizers. Have bridal show attendees drop their business cards or entries into a fish bowl for hourly prize drawings.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Interactive technology such as touch screen kiosks creates fun for bridal show attendees by engaging the tactile technology of LCD or Plasma screens. Rent a full-size touch screen kiosk for your next bridal exhibition or purchase an iPad holder to display your iPad, both preloaded with a questionnaire or game for attendees to complete. Ask guests to create a user profile and answer brief customer satisfaction questions. Offer a special discount or give a prize to each participant who fills out your digital survey.

New Technology

Display a giant QR Code (quick response code) at your booth allowing bridal show visitors to scan and learn more about your company. Present QR codes for each product or service as virtual brochures, allowing guests to learn more about your company’s services or products and to save on printing costs. Invite users to your Facebook to ask questions, share testimonials and engage in community discussions. Display your Twitter feed on a highly visible HD flat screen and offer real time contests at the bridal show.

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