How to Use Google AdWords for Wedding Businesses

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Senior business woman portraitIncrease the presence of your wedding business on the internet by using Google AdWords, an advertising platform offered by Google. Whenever someone initiates a search on Google using key words selected to by you to represent your wedding business, Google AdWords displays your company in a prominent position near the top of the results in the right hand column. Read on to learn more about Google AdWords and how your wedding business might potentially benefit from this advertising tool.

How to Begin With Google AdWords

The first thing you need to do when getting started with Google AdWords is to create a Google advertising account. You may do this by going to and selecting ‘advertising’ found in the lower right hand corner. Follow the online instructions for registration, for Google AdWords to work effectively you must have a website for your wedding business.

About Ad Writing

Google allows advertisers the ability to write their own ad for their businesses. As a wedding business, you will want your ad directed at your primary target market, people in need of wedding-related goods or services. Be precise with your word choices, the headline only permits 25 characters. Benefits include driving performance and building your brand.

Choosing Keywords

Select keywords with care; determine the search terms your prospective clients might use to find you on Google. Choose relevant words over broad terms. For example, if you have a wedding cake business, a generic search such as ‘cake’ will receive lots of clicks but not always your target customer. Be more exact, such as ‘vegan wedding cakes’ this helps define your niche and draw more of the desired visitors to your site.

No problem if you cannot think of keywords, Google offers a Keyword Tool to help overcome writer’s block.

Quality Score

Take the time to review your Quality Score, a Google AdWords analytic tool that provides an estimate of the overall effectiveness of your keywords, landing page and ad. Information that may be obtained includes keyword clickthrough rate, account history, transparency and ease of navigation.

Types of Ads

Google AdWords is a useful advertising text tool, but it is one of many ad types offered by Google. Other advertising platforms featured by Google include mobile phone ads, image ads, video ads and YouTube advertisements.

What Does It Costs?

Pricing for Google AdWords is based on cost-per click; there is no charge for displaying your ad, only when someone clicks on it. You decide on your daily budget amount, there are no minimum requirements and no contracts to sign.

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