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blog picGone are the days of weddings when disposable cameras were offered to guests for candid picture taking. They were made obsolete by the new generation of camera-enabled smart devices. Capture the spontaneity of your wedding day with Instagram, a free app that combines social media with online photo-sharing. Fun and easy to use, Instagram adds an interactive dimension to your celebration. Read on to learn more about Instagram for your wedding.

Instagram Basics

Download Instagram for free onto your smart device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. After downloading the app, register your account and set up a profile for your wedding. To share a photo from your Apple or Android smart device, simply add a caption, share and place onto your favorite social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr or Flickr. If you know someone who cannot attend your wedding, Instagram offers an opportunity to view and follow.

#Hashtag Your Wedding

Create an original hashtag name for your wedding; make sure it is not one that has been previously used. Popular wedding hashtag names combine the first names of the couple together with the word wedding such as #kaleyandryanwedding.

Spreading the Word

Let your guests know that you have an Instagram friendly wedding by placing subtle suggestions around your ceremony and at the reception. Ways to do this include an announcement in your wedding program, a small sign by the wedding guest sign-in book or on a poster placed on a display stand. Make place card announcements for each of the reception tables or encourage guests to Instagram with a message written on a chalk board as they enter the reception. The message does not need to be complex something as simple as “If you Instagram: #ourwedding” should suffice.

Fun Instagram Wedding Games

Add a playful aspect to Instagram at your wedding by incorporating a game. Play ‘I Spy” and ask your wedding guests to use their smart device cameras. ‘I Spy’ is a scavenger hunt type game where players must take pictures of specific wedding moments such as the bride and groom kissing, people laughing, something old, borrowed, blue and new, children dancing, favorite decorations, pair of shiny shoes, people hugging, close-up of flowers, your group table or two old souls. Place the instructions on a small piece of paper at each table and include check boxes and small pencils so your guests can keep track.

Stream Live Instagrams

Display your Instagram photos on a live stream at your wedding reception using a computer or projector. A slideshow of your wedding as it is happening will be automatically projected for all to see and share the memories. Special software or vendor assistance is required.

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