Cancelled Wedding Resellers

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Happy Newlywed CoupleCancelling a wedding is no easy task; it is an unfortunate predicament for all involved from stressful emotions to lost deposits. Regardless of the reason for cancelling there is a silver lining to this cloud or as the saying goes, ‘one person’s loss is another’s gain.” Cancelled wedding resellers help couples and vendors recoup some of their financial losses by matching them with couples seeking last-minute wedding deals. Read on to learn more about cancelled wedding resellers.


Each year over 250,000 weddings are cancelled in the US, deposits are lost and venues and services left unfilled. Most weddings are called-off within three to six months before the intended date; this allows time for the cancelled wedding resellers to locate another buyer for your dream wedding. The wedding industry makes about $40 billion a year, and with the average wedding costing above $25,000, a significant amount of investment is frequently at stake. Cancelled wedding resellers step in by serving as a brokerage service for couples and businesses.

Who Are the Sellers?

Wedding sellers are individuals who must inform their wedding guests that their ceremony unfortunately will not take place as planned. There is much to do with cancelling a wedding from writing apology notes to all of the guests to returning the wedding gifts to contacting vendors. Wedding sellers often must face the fact that they will lose thousands of dollars in wedding expenses including venue, bridal gown, catering, florists and honeymoon costs. Cancelled wedding resellers try to help sellers recover a portion of their losses by reselling the purchased items or services to another couple in need.

Who Are the Buyers?

Cancelled wedding buyers are often couples on a budget, flexible with wedding dates or looking to get married in a short amount of time. The appeal of buying a cancelled wedding is the buyer may get a deal on highly desirable wedding services or products for a reduced amount. Imagine having a destination wedding complete with airfare and accommodations for all of your guests at the last minute.

Wedding Vendors and Cancelled Weddings

Wedding vendors are affected by cancelled weddings because they are left with an unfilled opening in their schedules. The inconvenience may be somewhat offset by the retention of deposits but this still leaves an occasion without work. Wedding vendors may contact cancelled wedding resellers to let them know about openings and opportunities for last minute clients. Cancelled wedding resellers network with vendors to assist with filling cancellations. Types of wedding vendors include full wedding package venues such as hotels or resorts, photographers, videographers, DJs, musicians, jewelers and florists.

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