Choosing a First Dance

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PIC FOR WEDDING WORKOUT DANCE CLASSESDance with joy on your wedding day by choosing a first dance song that celebrates your initial shared moments as a married couple. The first dance is a popular wedding tradition found in many cultures signifying the joining of a couple in union. The first dance represents one of the many bright highlights of the day’s events and serves as an expression of love for each other. Read on for tips for choosing a first dance for your wedding.

Selecting a Song

For some couples, selecting a first dance song seems easy because they already have an “our song.” For everyone else, it takes a little soul searching, and thoughtful reminiscing to select a song that feels right.

Things to consider when selecting a song include the length of song; some recommend aiming for about 3 minutes for anything longer might prove arduous for you and your guests. Be sure to review the lyrics for appropriateness for the occasion. Ask friends and family for song suggestions.

Tip: Remember, it is your wedding day and as long as the song is perfect to you and your significant other, that is what truly matters.

Styles of Dance

Choose a dance style you both enjoy. There are many dances to choose for your first wedding dance including ballroom, Latin, freestyle, hip hop and country and western. Popular ballroom styles include the waltz and foxtrot. Select a Latin dance such as the rhumba, mambo, cha cha or salsa.

For an active dance, consider learning swing, quickstep or jive. If you like to create your own dance moves, then freestyle might be for you. Types of country and western dances include the two-step and polka. Add some hip hop to your first dance routine featuring breaking, popping or locking moves.

When to Start Practicing

Preparing for your first dance should be part of your wedding planning process. Allow a certain amount of time for dance instruction, especially if learning a new style. Some dance instructors recommend from six to twelve months to develop competency. Decide if you prefer group classes or private instruction. After learning the dance moves, practice before your wedding at a dance club, ballroom or at home.

Announcing the First Dance

This is your moment to shine, after all your hard work and hours of practice the first dance is your chance to display your dancing skills on the dance floor. Review with your MC or DJ how you would like your first dance to be announced and if you would like to add special comments related to the dance such as personal significance or meaning.

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