Romantic Wedding Proposals

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blog picProposing marriage is one of the most breathtaking moments of your life; you get to ask the person you love to marry you. In history generally the male proposed marriage but in modern times a man or woman may pop the question. Give your proposal a personal touch by adding elements that provide heartfelt meaning. Read on for tips and ideas for a romantic wedding proposal.


Before you decide to propose, test the waters and make sure your significant other is amiable to the idea of marriage with you. Discuss your compatibility; things to consider include children, finances, careers, habits, in-law, celebrations or religious matters. It is important to know in advance if you both are ready for this very important life step.

Selecting a Location and Time

Pick a location for your romantic wedding proposal. Determine if you want to ask indoors or outdoors and if you prefer a public or private location. Decide on the day such as a holiday, weekday or weekend and the time of day:  morning, afternoon or evening. Choose a place that holds a special significance for you and your beloved such as a favorite restaurant, picnic spot or first date café.

How to Ask

Decide on how you are going to ask the question, what words do you want to use? It is helpful to write down and practice out loud a few times before the actual proposal. Ask a friend to assist or rehearse in front of a mirror. If the proposal involves a surprise then precise timing might be a key component, but no matter what you say, say it from the heart.

Bring a Ring

To ring or not to ring, is a question posed by many about to propose marriage. Traditionally, after the question is asked the person proposing offers a ring as a promise for marriage. Decide if you want to pull the ring from your pocket or hide it for your true love to find.

Tip: The ring goes on the left hand ring finger.

Ring Tips

Sometimes, a couple will shop beforehand to ensure the desired ring is chosen. Otherwise, you will need to buy a ring on your own. Choose a ring based on the information you know about your beloved’s personal style and tastes. If you do not have a ring, consider tying a string around your sweetheart’s finger as a promise to go ring shopping together.

Accepting a Proposal

If you are the recipient of a wedding proposal and your answer is “Yes” there are a few rules of etiquette you might want to know. For example, if a friend or family member let the cat-out-of-the bag and leaked that your sweetheart is planning a marriage proposal, pretend like you do not have a clue; it’s all part of the fun. When the moment happens, put on your best smile and let your natural emotions of excitement, enthusiasm and love show. Feel free to help if the ring does not go on smoothly due to materials or size.

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