Wedding Fitness Tips

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woman doing exerciseLooking fit and healthy on your wedding day often crosses the mind of every newly engaged couple. On your wedding day, you can count on lots of pictures to be taken and a strong desire to look your best for your beloved. Benefits of getting in shape include increased self-confidence, improved overall fitness and enhanced well-being. Read on for helpful wedding fitness tips.

Set Realistic Goals

Keep your expectations realistic; expecting to lose ten pounds in two days to fit in a bridal gown may not be the healthiest option. Allow enough time to lose weight, get fit and develop healthy habits over a reasonable amount of time such as six months.

Determine the focus of your fitness plan in advance such as losing weight, toning muscle or a combination. Know what you want to achieve and set short term as well as long term goals. Be kind and give yourself a reward when you reach a milestone. Consider journaling, this helps you keep track of your progress as you work towards your goals.

Strength Training

Add strength training to your wedding workout mix, this type of activity offers benefits such as body sculpting and increase in strength. Working with weights provides a boost to your metabolism burns fat, and builds muscle. There many types of strength training including free weights, weight machines, barbells and resistance. Types of exercise include squats, bench press, overhead press, barbell rows and dead lift. Choose a routine that best fits your personal needs.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Increase your endurance and burn fat with cardiovascular exercise that involves active movement to raise your heart rate and improve oxygen consumption. Examples of cardio exercise include aerobics, running, jogging, biking, Zumba, boot camps and swimming. Regular cardio exercise offers many health benefits such as losing weight, increasing endurance and reducing blood pressure.


Prepare for your wedding day by improving your flexibility. Take the time to warm-up and stretch before your wedding workouts, this helps prevent injuries and reduce muscle aches and pains. Fun flexibility activities include yoga, Pilates and ballet. Types of stretching include static, isometric, passive, active ballistic and dynamic.

Proactive Moderation

Practice balance in your quest for better health, exercise alone may not help you attain your wedding day goals. Consider healthy adjustments to your diet such as increasing your water intake, adding vitamins and supplements or reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption. Ruminate on reducing your daily calorie intake by limiting the ingestion salty, sugary and deep-fried foods.

Look great and feel great on your wedding day, consult with a physician before beginning any weight loss program

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