Second Wedding FAQs

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Bride and groom embracing.Second weddings are every bit as special as first weddings; you get to marry the one you love.  In the past, second weddings did not receive the same attention as first weddings. Today, second weddings run the gamut from small intimate affairs to magnificent large ceremonies. One trend is to have a destination wedding for your second wedding. Whichever you choose, there are a few important questions to consider before remarrying. Read on to learn about second wedding FAQs.

Telling Your Children

When announcing your engagement to friends and family the first to know of your intention to marry again is your children. By informing your children as soon as possible, you create the grounds for a more positive environment that allows your children to adapt to having a new stepparent and new siblings.


Communicate the news to your parents and notify your ex-spouse, this is especially important if you share joint-custody of children. Throw an engagement party and inform your friends and family with a formal statement of your intent to marry.


Wedding invitations do not require special wording for second marriages. Be sure to include important details such as full names of the couple, date, time and location of the wedding.


Second marriage ceremonies provide the opportunity to write your own vows with enhanced purpose and deeper meaning. Focus on what your significant other means to you and look forward to a lifetime of happiness.


There are no rules that say you cannot wear white for your second marriage. When getting married for a second time, choose the dress that looks best on you whether it is white, ivory, red or blue. It is your day to celebrate your way.


Etiquette for giving couples a gift for their second marriage follow the same protocol as first marriages. Giving a gift is an appropriate gesture and recognition of the upcoming nuptials. Before choosing a gift, find out if the couples have registered with an online or retail store.

Bridal Shower

Showers are perfectly acceptable for second marriages. The maid-of-honor hosts the wedding shower and makes most of the arrangements.

Don’ts for Second Weddings

It is considered less than desirable to use the same wedding bands from your first marriage for your second marriage.
Engagement rings may be subjected to slightly modified rules. Refurbish the ring by using the diamond in a new setting or melting the gold to reclaim and create a new ring design. Exception to modifications only applies if the ring is a family heirloom intended to be given to your true love.

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