About Indian Weddings

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blog picIndian weddings feature a cultural extravaganza of ancient traditions and modern influences. Located in South Asia, India is home to many languages, religions and ethnicities. Weddings are considered very important celebrations in India as they bring forth together couples for the purpose of marital union and the togetherness of family. Indian weddings last for about a week and may be celebrated anywhere in the world. Read on to learn about Indian weddings.

Before Wedding Customs

Many couples in India are matched together by the ancient practice of arranged marriages with compatibility assessed before agreement. Occasionally, weddings may occur due to love matches.

An engagement party is thrown many months before the wedding date and the in-between times are filled with a variety of family bonding activities such as dinners and shopping.

Before the wedding, the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with henna in a practice known as the Mehendi ceremony. Also, there are rituals cleansing baths and much traditional song singing and dancing, a popular aspect of Indian ceremonies.

Wedding Attire

Indian brides typically wear a highly ornamental traditional sari or lehenga featuring auspicious colors of red, gold and white. The traditional bridal hairstyle presents a single-plaited braid decorated with flowers. Some brides choose to wear a salwar kameez, a traditional tunic with pants. Brides from India may wear a beautifully festooned veil.

Groom attire includes the dhoti, a traditional garment of India and a kurta, a colorless shirt. If the groom is from northern India, he may also wear a turban. Jodpuri suits may be worn by grooms as well featuring a blend of Western and Indian styles.

Guests are encouraged to dress colorfully with the exception of red, a color reserved for the bride.


The wedding may take place on a predetermined lucky day at a home or chosen venue. Usually an Indian wedding is outside and under a tent. For a Hindu wedding, some of the customs include the groom making a festive processional entrance consisting of his family and friends as the bride awaits her groom adorned in jewelry and flowers. When the groom reaches the bride she walks around him seven times and they exchange wedding garlands.

Other rituals may include the giving away of the bride by parents, tying of the bride and groom’s hands together and taking seven steps together with a vow for every steps.

The ceremony takes approximately three hours to complete.


Indian receptions are lively events featuring joyous music, entertainment, eating, dancing and singing and may last for up to three days. The groom’s family typically plans the vibrantly-colored reception celebration.

Food may be served buffet style and include traditional favorites such as samosas, chai tea, roti, curry and gulab jamin.

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